What to Do if Your Aunt Accidently Freezes Your Cheese

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This is not a joke.  My friend called me on Christmas Eve and asked, “What do I do?  My aunt put the cheese in the freezer and I have a dinner party in the next few hours”!

When faced with a domestic dinner party crisis,  most things can usually be solved with some crackers, fruit, dip, cheese,  a few “ice breakers” and an impromptu trip to the grocery store.   Unfortunately, this cheese was frozen.

So what saved the party this time? I advised her to quickly go to the store and buy some more cheese for her dinner party.   The frozen cheese was not wasted though.  It was placed in the refrigerator to thaw slowly, under less extreme conditions as to not alter the texture of the cheese and to be used on a later date.

Tip: When serving a cheese and cracker tray, make sure to serve a soft cheese, a hard cheese and a bleu cheese as part of your tray.  In addition, never serve your cheese cold. Allow it to come to room temperature before serving.

Another domestic dinner party crisis averted. Are you throwing a dinner party for New Year’s eve as opposed to going out?  What will you do to ensure that you avoid a domestic dinner party crisis?

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