How to Take Great Photos! A Cheat Sheet on How to Never Look Bad in a Photo Again

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In honor of the approaching Valentine’s holiday, I would like to remind my readers to take great pictures and make those memories last.  And if you are fortunate enough to be going on a a date night, which may be a rarity, you definitely need to take some pictures to commemorate the occasion.


Being a Domestic Life Stylist does not mean that you have to be frumpy or “run down”.  I say that you can still be glamorous and love the skin that you are in, even though you may have spent the majority of the day cleaning “poopy” diapers and spit up.

When you finally do get to go out with your friends (scarce to come by I know), or hubby, you really have to make those memories count and those memories last.  One way to do this is by taking great pictures.

My friends have always teased me about my ability to make the best of a photo opportunity in any scenario.  But, isn’t that what photos are supposed to do?

Photographs should capture the very BEST essence of who we are.

Here are some tips from Style Magazine on how to “Never Look Bad in a Photo Again”.

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You may have some difficulty viewing this video from your tablet or mobile device.  So if you really want these tips turn on your computer, sit back and relax.

These are great tips! I could not have said it any better. 

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