Natural Spring Allergy Remedies that Really Work

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Newsflash, spring is not that far off. Which mean you’re going to be swapping winter coats for tissues really soon as spring seasonal allergies ensue.

Seasonal allergies can be tough. The sneezing, the itching, the coughing is just not most people’s idea of a good time. Oddly, this pharmacist has kicked traditional spring allergy remedies to the curb in favor of more natural allergy remedies. I’ve been writing this post for a while in my head but, what really kicked things into high gear was the fact that my daughter’s seasonal allergies went from manageable to “insane” over the last few weeks.

Natural allergy remedies that work

The good news is, I’ve vetted these natural spring allergy remedies and they really work. It’s important to note that homeopathic and natural remedies can take longer to get a sustainable or measurably positive results. But if you stick to it, there will be some relief on the other side of the tissue.

Essential Oils

Peppermint and eucalyptus oils have been used as a part of total health and well being for a long time. Rub on chest and/or back or use as part of aromatherapy in a diffuser.

Both oils help to clear congestion and improve circulation which is ideal for allergy sufferers.


The mechanism that honey helps to relieve allergy symptoms is three-fold. First, honey helps to soothe the throat. Secondly, honey is a natural cough suppressant. A study, found 2 teaspoons of honey to be just as effective as dextromethorphan (main ingredient in cough syrup). Thirdly, the pollen that bees use to make honey is ingested when a person eats local honey. The immune system then becomes sensitized and over time, the allergy sufferer becomes less sensitive to the pollen.

It’s very important to note that reactions are not immediate and local raw honey must be used.

Natural Bee Pollen

You could try some honey are you could buy the natural bee pollen. You should be able to get this from any natural or organic store. Look at the back of the package to make sure that the pollen you get is from a local source (in your area or state) or it won’t work.

Begin taken small increments of the pollen way at least 4 weeks before spring officially begins to give your body a chance to develop natural immunity.

Be mindful of irritation or swelling. If that happens you should stop immediately.

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As with natural cold remedies, vapor steam from a humidifier can help to calm and soothe dry and irritated nasal passages. Be sure to keep your humidifier clean during use as indoor allergies due to dust and mold may be exacerbated.

Nasal Rinse

Yes, kids can use nasal rinses and irrigation too. The most popular of these is called a “Neti pot“. It takes some practice, but after a few good You Tube videos, anyone can use a Neti Pot like a pro.

A couple of important notes about Neti pot use are to always use distilled water and don’t over use. Make sure to use only use lukewarm water in your Neti pot. Cold or hot water will be very uncomfortable and unwise.

You won’t believe the gunk that comes out one’s nose after a nice round of nasal irrigation. Try it sometime.

Homeopathic Treatments

Why did no one tell me about this stuff before? We were die hard pharmacy aisle traditional allergy remedy folks but it was time to try something different. When your daughter’s eyes are swollen to about twice their normal size it kind of motivates you to do something different I guess.

Here’s what’s in my medicine cabinet now:

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief
BioAllers Grass Pollen Allergy Treatment
BioAllers Outdoor Allergy Treatment

Elderberry is also very effective in reducing allergy symptoms as well as boosting immunity.

Remember, if you are opting to use a natural or homeopathic approach to treat seasonal allergies or anything else for that matter, the effects will be more gradual. Consult your doctor, stick with it and adjust up or down as needed. Natural allergy remedies have minimal side effects, uses your body’s own intelligence with holistic medicine and it works!

Watch my spring allergy remedies above, and see which ones work for you.

(Original 4/2017, Updated 3/18/2018, 2/25/19, 3/20/2021)

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    This post is right on time, as my daughter is suffering badly from allergies ? Where do you get the essential oils that you use?

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    I get mine from my local organic market but I suspect Whole Foods carries it as well. I’ve updated the post with pictures with the exact brand I use for your convenience. I hope she gets some relief soon.

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