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You’re back! Thanks for stopping by to read another edition of “Mom Style” Last week I introduced you to Christy and Jennifer, both from the USA. Today, I’ll be introducing you to Clare. Clare is from London, England and is a “mum” of twins.

What's it like to be a mom of twins

I may or may not have set Clare up when I asked her to send me a picture of her adorable little people. Clare sent me this adorable picture above and wrote, ” This is why I have no photos of me with the kids and hardly any with the two together…they just won’t sit still”.

I have to say, I did have a laugh when I saw the picture. As Clare put it, this is one of the realities of being a mom to young twins. Well, we are so happy to have you Clare…all the way from London.

Read about what Clare had to say about being a mum of twins.

Q: What’s one thing you wished someone had told you about this beautiful yet ever changing journey?

Oh my goodness, so many things that I’m not sure where to start. That for the first few months you will become obsessed with sleep, or rather the lack of it, and you wonder if you’ll ever get a good night’s sleep ever again. But that at the same time you can function on the smallest amount of sleep and soon your baby will sleep through the night. That you will forgo the right to eat your meals while they’re still hot, or go to the toilet when you need to, because your baby’s needs come first. And that this gets worse as they grow into a toddler! Those are the practical things that I wasn’t prepared for. But the other thing I wasn’t expecting was the sheer strength of emotions that hit you every time you really look at your child. The love you feel is so strong it literally makes your heart ache. And there is this sense of amazement that you created that little human!

Q: Who is your favorite TV mom?

Nora from Brothers & Sisters, I love how she put her children first and was such a devoted mother.

Q: How old are your twins?

20 months

Q: What’s it like being a mom of twins? What should other mamas know?

Chaotic, Frustrating, Life changing, Amazing! You really do get double the trouble and double the love. It’s hard work, but so worth it and such a privilege. My two main pieces of advice to new twin mums are: 1. Sleep when the babies sleep. Twin mums get even less sleep than mums of single babies so forget about the chores and whether it’s appropriate to nap at 8am or 8pm, just sleep when the babies sleep. The second thing is accept all offers of help, and if no one offers ask for it! I don’t know what I would have done if my parents hadn’t been around to pitch in with changing bottoms, cuddling a cranky baby or just doing my laundry!

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with your children? Why?

I love to have them snuggle up on my lap and then read a book together. As they grow it amazes me what they know and I get that feeling of amazement when they can point to something in a book or sign to show they understand parts of the story.

Q: If your “Mom Style” was a song title, what would it be? (No, seriously I need a real song)

The Grand Old Duke of York

Q: Which blog post that you are most proud of.

One whole month of school lunch ideas for kids.

Q: What’s your “Mom Style”? Cool & Calm, Spirited & Free, Savvy & Sophisticated or “Type A” All the Way

Type A, All the Way

Q: As a mom, what do you know for sure? 

That I love my children unconditionally and I would do anything to keep them safe.

Thanks for joining in on the fun on The Domestic Life Stylist, Mom Style series Clare.  It’s becoming very apparent that I should look into viewing old episodes of Brothers and Sisters since you are the second mom that has mentioned it. Thanks for sharing your Mom Style.

What’s your mom Style? 

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    Clare Swindlehurst (@SuperMommyClub)

    That picture still makes me laugh! Thank you so much for sharing my mum story today –
    and yes to Brothers and Sisters, it’s a fabulous show and I was so sad when it came to an end.

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      My pleasure to have you Clare. Enjoy your week!

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    I am supposed to be cleaning the Kitchen, but I am too busy reading “Mom Style.” Love this new feature! Ok, going back to cleaning! 🙂

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      That’s funny as well as great to hear Nisha!

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