To a Beautiful Mother: One Mother’s Personal Journey

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This weekend is Mother’s Day weekend. While your spending time with your mom or kids stay in gratitude. My friend won’t get spend Mother’s Day with her family this weekend. Her son won’t get to burst into her room with a homemade card protesting his love. In honor of her memory, please read and share this interview (in her own words) below.

Meet Keshema.  She has been my friend for 15 years. She is young. She is vivacious. She is a mother and a wife. She is a breast cancer survivor.  Read her story  below.

How did you discover you had breast cancer?

I must admit, I did feel a small lump on my left breast. I went to the doctor to have it checked and they thought it was nothing.  I was advised to keep an eye on it. I did realize the lump was growing in size so I went back to the doctor with my concerns in regards to the lump. I was ordered to do yet another sonogram and was told I was too young for mammograms. On my second attempt to find out what was going on, another doctor referred me to a surgeon to have the lump removed. With my age as a factor and the two “so called clean sonograms”, this surgeon was about to schedule me to have the lump removed. As procedure, he scheduled a biopsy first, and low and behold it was Ivasive Ductal Carcinoma!!!

How old were you when you were diagnosed?

I remember it like it was yesterday! I was 32 years old, I went to the doctor by myself because I was told and more than positive the biopsy results were nothing to worry about! I remember waiting for the doctor to tell me he was just kidding!!! That never happened.

Do you have any advice for other women?

I would say to stay in-tune with your body. I did feel a lump and did go to the doctor. However if you feel like something is wrong it is always a good idea to get several opinions, it can’t hurt. Never take NO for an answer once it relates to your health. Cancer does not discriminate, so mammograms should not either!

Looking back at your journey, is there anything that you would change?

I think that I would live in the moment. I know it sounds strange but when you are in a battle, your thoughts are only to win! Looking back at my journey I know only GOD has made it possible and still is making it possible. It is sad sometimes, but it also makes one realize how precious life is and we should not take anything for granted. If I could change anything I would have slowed down during my journey. I met so many people and found out the hard way what true love is. My family and friends were extremely supportive which is a feeling one cannot explain. The love that was exemplified for me was truly a blessing. I am not advertising the fact that I am a survivor, but I am definitely not hiding it either! It is a feeling only those who have fought can understand. I think that my journey has turned me into a better woman, mother and wife! A friend and survivor once told me you can not have a testimony without a test, and Breast Cancer is my test.

What else do you want women/others to know?

Stay in-tune with your body! Always use your instincts and get several opinions. Life is too short and precious to take anything for granted. Stay positive and visit the doctor annually. All problems in life are obstacles that we have to face to move forward.

I am now loving life and thanking GOD for living in it!

Thanks for your letting me tell your story on the Domestic Life Stylist, Keshema.  You inspire me and I am sure you will inspire the readers of your story as well.  Show your support for Keshema by leaving a comment below.

Original publish date: 10/08/2012

In Memorandum of Keshema Webbe: Updated 5/9/19

I love you so much Keshema. I’m fighting through tears as I type. You were a friend like no other. I’m crying like a baby and I don’t how to stop this river. Distance didn’t break us. Respect, love and admiration kept us together. You fought like the champion that you are. I know you know that I loved you. And I am comforted that I got to tell you one last time.

You were a “live spirit”. A connector. A great mom. A devoted wife. A loving sister and a friend to so many. You do know that traffic on St. Thomas will be a mess for your send off right? Everyone who knew you loved you.

Almost twenty years as friends and you were more like a sister. You’re a part of me always and forever. Eyes all puffy…getting ready to head to these kids’ end of year program. Trying to be a grown up about this but, THIS IS HARD.

There are no tears in heaven. This is my Mother’s Day tribute.

When my voice quivers these words won’t.

When time passes, these words won’t.

Even after we say goodbye, these words will still be here.

Until we meet again my sister.

Love always,

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