A Day at the Beach in the French Riviera

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This summer is turning out to be something special. If you follow me on Snapchat you’ve already been getting an exclusive behind the scences of all the trips, outtings and family activities way before posting. Thanks for being a part of that with me.

sunhat and scout bag on beach in french riviera

Last week, the groom and I spent some much needed time away in the French Riviera. I know…I’m still pinching myself and hoping that it doesn’t leave a bruise. While there, we stumbled upon a quint beach called Le Domaine de la Mer. It was truly something special.

Of course before we even got there, I packed up my beach bag with the necessary beach essentials.

what to pack on beach trip

Then topped off my bag with a trusty French/English visual dictionary, because let’s face it, my French is non-existent and then we were ready to go.

I was so happy that I packed my Scout’s Weekender bag in my large suit case before the trip. I was initially concerned that the bag would take up way to much space but, it was foldable and light weight. It was just what I needed for the journey.

scout weekender bag

Also worth mentioning, this bag is huge so you can fit all the essentials plus some more.

striped beach bag

sunhat on beach

I was “scouting” around on the web and also found the Scout weekender bag in this gorgeous lime green and blue.

The water resistant exterior makes this bag a great tag along for beach parties, barbecues and pool dates. Not to mention, barbecues get messy so any spilled sauce can easily be wiped clean.

scout large beach bag2

Like any other modern gal, I travel with my gadgets and lipgloss.

black and white scout cosmetic bag

crown jewels scout bag

The smaller peach colored crown jewel accessory bag was the perfect size to fit my mophie charger. No one wants to be in such a fabulous scenery and then run out of battery power on the phone.

I put everything else in the slightly larger black and white cosmetic bag, which also comes in other lively colors and prints.

scout bags on beach2

After some people watching, it was off to take a dip Mediterranean.

white black two piece triangle gold stud bikini

I opted for this white and black gold studded triangle bikini that I’ve had for years. I was surprised to see it listed for just a little over twenty dollars which doesn’t include a 50% coupon.

Say what? I purchased that bikini ions ago from another website and this price is so much better.

By the way, apparently the waters of the French Riviera are ice cold in June so I opted for some light rock scaling, more picture taking and sun tanning instead.

2 piece swim suits on rocks3

black and white gold studded triangle bikini32 piece swim suits on rocks2

black and white gold studded triangle bikini

The view from the top made it worth the occasional “toe prick”.

black and white gold studded triangle bikini2

Awe, now I could get used to this.

black and white jeweled 4 piece bikini

Thanks for sending those bags my way Scout.

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