What to Pack in a Handbag: The Essential Mom’s Guide to Packing Everything You Need

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When I was a kid, I was always chocking away bits of snacks and candy to eat at later time. When those hunger pangs came calling, I wanted to be prepared I thought. “Your school bag is so heavy, what’s in your bag?” My friends would ask and laugh jokingly. Later, they could always count on me for snacks, pain reliever, hand lotion and the class textbook of course. I always believed in being prepared.

That insistent need for preparation and planning is still with me many years later. However, no longer am I carrying bits of candy and leftover snacks in an oversized back pack. It is more like a large hand bag.  I have replaced the candy for healthier snacks too. I pack sanitizer, bottled water, pieces of fruit, and have even been known to pack a sandwich on occasion. Nowadays, diapers, wipes and other changing supplies can also be found in my bag too. (It’s about time since my little princess is almost two). Oh how I hated going out with two bags.
A trusty handheld camera should always be in tow.  Whether it is a camera phone or point-and-shoot camera, it is good idea to always keep one with you. I like the resolution of the pictures on my camera versus using my smart phone, where the resolution can always be questionable and lightening is “hit or miss”. You just never know when a memorable moment will be created.Handheld Camera


As a mom, it is essential to be prepared. By keeping your bag stocked, you will be prepared for most things that may come your way. In between meals, a delay on the way home, and how many times do little hands need wiping and sanitizing?


In addition, you will be better equipped to face the temptations of the drive-thru if you have packed your bag well. I am not saying pack everything, but I am saying to at least pack certain things.

And what about packing your handbag for long flights and road trips? These days, you are fortunate on most airlines if you get anything more than a beverage and some nuts or pretzels as a snack. Your odds are better if you travel internationally. But, if the airline is already providing meals, you may not get a snack.

So do yourself and your little one(s) a favor and keep things like snack bars, extra wipes sanitizer and other essentials in your bag always. My favorite “go to mom snack” are almonds. A few almonds placed in an air-free sandwich bag will store well in your bag. They are satisfying, light weight and they don’t need to be refrigerated which is ideal when selecting the proper food items to take with you. You never know when you will need them. Doing things this way will eliminate the hassle and anxiety that one faces when you realize that a ten minute ride home, with the addition of a detour or sudden accident, has all of a sudden turned into a dreaded 2 hour commute.  It is also a good idea to pack crackers for your “little one” as well.

Other Personal Items

Keep mommy beautiful and well put together by also toting a handheld mirror (such as can be found in a powder compact), facial napkins, lip gloss or balm, hand lotion, a ponytail holder/hair pins, panty liners and other feminine hygiene products, just in case.

So as you read this article, think about your hand bag as a trusty toolbox or first aid kit of sorts, in case of emergencies. Your goal should be to eliminate, minimize and conquer any potential accidents and/or pitfalls that may occur. It should contain things that clean, things that sanitize, things that beautify and things that satisfy. Hence, a well stocked hand bag continues to be one of the best accessories that any woman can have. So now I will ask the question, “What’s in your handbag”?

And…if you child is less than 1 year old, please don’t forget the milk!

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    Wow, what would the world do without well-organized mommies? We need you!

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