The Importance of the "Mommy" Community

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I have always had a group of people on whom I could rely, trust, “bounce” ideas off of and confide in when times get tough. But never had I realized the importance of community until I became a mother.  As a mom, there are so many insecurities, questions and uncertainties that one may have.

New moms especially, can easily feel isolated, frustrated and sometimes defeated in their journey into parenthood.  But, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Millions of women have and continue to travel this journey everyday.

So go out there and find them.  Visit your local libraries for story time or chat up the mother next to you in the grocery line.  Do meet ups at coffee shops, parks or attend monthly meetings and play groups.

If you can’t get out, there are resources to use online as well. Such as: 

Circle of Moms
Simple Moms

These online communities offer moms a chance to communicate via forums, chats, articles and other resources as well.  Whatever your method of choice, there is no undenying the importance of the “mommy” community.

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