5 Easy Steps Towards Better Holiday Health

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Time is ticking and while it may not seem like it, the holidays are definitely here. While we’re adjusting to what life is like (for the moment), here are some easy steps you can take towards holiday health.

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For many, this Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season will be different from every year before. Less travel, limited outings, smaller gatherings and perhaps more Zoom calls than anyone would like. While we’re adjusting to what life is like (for the moment), here are some easy steps you can take towards holiday health.

Steps Towards Holiday Health

Wash Your Hands

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays this year, here’s a small piece of advice for you.

Wash your hands.

This one is common sense, but the problem with common sense is that “it’s not so common”. While the pandemic has more people getting their hands wet, thorough handwashing involves soap, water and least 20 seconds of friction. Make sure to get under the nails and the backs of the hands too. Those areas or often and easily missed.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

According to the CDC, rates of anxiety have tripled since the pandemic, so why make an already stressful time of year even more stressful with unneeded worry.

During the holidays, people are focused on everything from getting the right tree, selecting the perfect gifts and making the most beautiful meals. Not to mention, interacting with relatives you can generally avoid in other times of the year can a bit stressful too.

Take the time to engage in activities that reduce stress like making actual voice calls to people that lift your spirits, reading a great book or listening to some music.

As a backup, RidgeCrest Herbals Anxiety Free Stress Sress Complex is made with natural vitamins, amino acids, herbs, botanicals and adaptogens that pave the way for lower stress and anxiety all season long.

When it comes to taking care of holiday health, these are the supplements that you don’t want to be without.

Get Some Good Sleep

A good night’s sleep is one of the most underestimated health and wellness tools ever.

Are you getting enough sleep? When it comes to keeping both you and your family save from the cold, flu and anything else, getting adequate sleep is something simple that you can do to boost health and immunity.

Infection fighting antibodies, cytokines and immune building is greatly impacted and reduced with lack of sleep.

While 7-9 hours of sleep are the current sleep recommendations for healthy adults, only 1 in 3 adults get the sleep they need.

Adding in a natural supplement like Dream On Zen can really help. Dream On Zen has ingredients like black cohosh, lemon balm, valerian root and chamomile flower that really help to ease you into blissful slumber.

Eat to Thrive

You can’t talk about the holidays or holiday health without discussing food. When it comes to the holiday season or any other time of year for that matter, it’s more than about “surviving”, but thriving.

Often times, the traditional holiday foods you know and love don’t have your best health at heart.

A diet that is low in sugar, fat and high in fiber is giving your body the best chance at exceptional health. You should also avoid heavily processed food, artificial colors and flavors and eat the freshest food whenever possible.

Try some of these healthy holiday sides dishes to get you through:

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Orange Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

Virgin Islands Holiday Sweet Potato Stuffing


I know that you’ve heard it before, but exercise is an absolute necessity not just for holiday health but, daily health as well.

If you don’t naturally like to exercise, find an activity the gets your heart rate pumping and you also enjoy.

Some ideas for things that don’t feel like exercise are dancing, talking a brisk nature walk, tending to your garden and active play with kids.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are two of the busiest times of year. Use these holiday wellness tips make your way towards holiday health.

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