8 Healthy Gluten & Grain-Free Alternatives to Bread

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Whether you are Paleo, Whole 30, cutting back or just plain gluten-free, one of the first questions people ask is “What am I going to eat?” when they decide to stop eating traditional bread. Then the follow up question is, “What about bread”? But, I’m going to break this down and make things really easy for you, here are eight gluten free alternatives to bread.

One of the first questions people ask me when they here that I eat gluten free is, “What do you eat?”.  Their next thought probably is, what kind of evil person cuts bread out of their life anyway? As you read these very words, you probably think that you will be swallowed into a black hole, asphyxiate and die at the thought of skipping your morning bagel, afternoon sammie or fitness flatbread.

But, the good news is that you won’t. You will not only survive… you will thrive, if you do it well. So, let me hold your hand and show you some healthy gluten free bread alternatives that will make things a little easier for you. Oh…and by the way, I’m not talking about replacing crap with more crap.

I’m talking about using real ingredients to make real foods that heal. Here are eight gluten free options to use instead of bread.

1. Lettuce

Omit the bread and wrap sandwich ingredients in lettuce instead. Restaurants like The Bgr Joint and Elevation Burger readily offer lettuce wrapped burgers as options for restaurant patrons.

2. Almond Flour Wraps

These almond wraps are a major staple at my house. Once you taste them, you’ll know why.

3. Cauliflower

You’ve heard of cauliflower crust pizza right? Well how about making these cauliflowers tortillas for a switcharoo?

4. Eggplant

This one happened in my kitchen by accident one day and I’m glad it did. Next time you’re thinking about having a sandwich, you may just want to try some grilled eggplant instead.

4. Nori

Seaweed is not just for sushi. Make it a wrap by usung Nori sheets around your favorite sandwich ingredients.

5. Sweet Potato

You’ll want to get a spiralizer attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer if only to make these sweet potato noodle buns.

7. Coconut Wraps

Coconut is a hero of the healthy food movement. These coconut wraps offer convenience and flavor if you’re trying to quit bread.

8. Plantain

Plantain tortillas are made with….Plantains! Well, of course. Since these are fried, I wouldn’t make them an everyday staple but you get the point.

Which of these bread free alternatives will you try? Seriously, I want to know. Leave a comment below.

Originally published: August 17, 2017

Republished: January 16, 2019

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