Best Fall Teas for the Season

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Tea is one of those drinks that can bring everyone together. Pull out a tea pot after a family dinner, or a casual meeting and everyone will open up as they warm up. This is especially true as the weather gets cooler. To help you kick off the new season, here a list of the best fall teas for the season.

Tea is a great substitute for people who don’t always want too much caffeine later in the day, or those that a wider diversity of flavors than coffee can give. Not to mention, tea is good for you too! Here’s a list of some of the best fall teas.

These are some of fall tea selections to enjoy throughout the this season and even into winter. These teas are also available to be ordered online if you’re not able to get them at a grocery store.

Stash-Chocolate Mint Oolong

If you’re looking for a great desert tea, Chocolate Mint Oolong is it. You can’t beat a mint and chocolate combination. If you want even more chocolate, throw a few chocolate chips in to melt, or add a dash of cocoa powder.

Pumpkin Chai

Pumpkin Chai is a great tea for this season. It’s good as a morning tea, as it has that chai spice to wake you up without coffee. It is also good as an after dinner, almost-desert tea. Though it isn’t as dessert oriented as the Chocolate Mint Oolong, it is a sweeter chai tea. Reviewers on Amazon give this tea 4.5 stars out of five!

London Fog

A London Fog is a warm and cozy drink, great for a blanket and your favorite book. Or maybe a bubble bath. London Fog is going to be a good option for you if you life Earl Grey tea. You can serve it with steamed homemade almond milk or without.

If you’re using milk, once your milk is hot, put the tea bag or leaves into the milk and let it steep. If you like yours a little bit sweeter, add some honey. This is great for cold fall and winter nights. Preparing tea this way reminds me of spending time at my grandmother’s house a long time ago.

Stash – Double Spice Chai Black Tea

This tea is great in the morning. It’s got so much kick to it. The spicy aroma is strong and lasts a long time on your taste buds. It’s not a very sweet chai tea.

Cinnamon Apple Chamomile

Nothing says fall like apple cinnamon. It’s delicious. Cinnamon apple chamomile tea pairs perfectly with these mini skinny apple pies.

This tea is great as a desert tea, or for a tea party. It’s also good in the mid afternoon or the late night when you want a snack, but know that you shouldn’t indulge.

This tea is also good as a substitute for apple cider and a lot better for you too.

Cinnamon Plum Tea

Though Spiced Plum is more of a Christmas tea, it’s great on cool fall days. This tea will keep you nice and warm with its spicy, holiday aroma.

Of course, of you’re a purist…you can try a nice cup of green tea as well.

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