The Best Tailored T-Shirts You Need Right Now

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No matter the season everyone needs a few high quality fitting tailored t-shirts. There are so many ways to wear them. I’m going to tell you where to get and why you can be assured that it will be just the right size. And “yes” depending on your style, you can buy either loose or slim fit. It’s really up to you.

Made for You Custom Fit Tee, Turban Knot Beanie , Large Hoop Earrings

I love a quality fitting t-shirt, don’t you. The right t-shirt can really do so much for your wardrobe and is quite versatile. That versatility can be channeled in so many different looks which is great. Lately, I’ve been getting my solid colored tees custom made and I love the fit.

I’ve ordered these t-shirts several times and you’ve probably heard me talk about them before. What I like most about them is they’re custom fit and made on demand from Amazon.

Made for You Tee, Women’s Yoga Leggings Denim Jacket

All you have to do is use the Amazon mobile app to order your t-shirt. Using your camera phone you’ll use smart technology to get the perfect fit.

Not only are you able to choose the neckline you want, but you can also select the weight, sleeve length and whether you’re going for a loose fitted or slim fit look.

Made for You Tee, Relax Fit Joggers

As you can tell, I’ve tried several necklines and sleeve lengths. These t-shirts are really easy to dress up or down, chilling at home or hanging out while on vacay.

Made for You Tee , Vintage Retro 70’s Glasses , Glitter Sneakers

Honestly you can’t really go wrong. Once you order a tailored t shirt once, you won’t want to go back to wearing a non-custom fit tee.

The best part is, your size and dimensions are loaded on Amazon making it easy for the next time you order. Recently, Amazon also added a fitness guarantee. So after ordering your custom tee if by some chance it doesn’t fit the way you hoped it would, you can send it back at no charge so that they can get it right.

Made for Your Tee , Vintage Sunglasses, Satin Scarf

So what do you think? Are you ready to get yourself a couple of custom fit t-shirts. They are made for you, by you and the fit can’t be beat.

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