5 Health & Self-Care Gifts to Help Live Your Best Life

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Birthdays are always special. They give us permission to pause, to care and to really show appreciation for ourselves for at least one day. This year, my birthday was much different of course, because I celebrated at home with a life changing pandemic happening in the background.

I’m not a big birthday party person. Typically, I’d pick a trip over a party any single day. But, this year was different. There is no travel scheduled right now for obvious reasons.

And while we all wish the pandemic wasn’t in the background, one of the things that help with building physical, mental and emotional resilience during this crisis is keeping health and self care in the forefront.

One of the things that can really help with this is the gift of health and personal self-care. While there is much to be said about diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, small changes can also make also make a big difference.

My personal mantra is “One of the best gifts that you can give yourself is the gift of health and self-care”.

Whether you’re also celebrating a birthday in this season or you just need a healthy dose of “pick me up”, here are five of my favorite health and self-care gifts for right now.

Anxiety Free Stress Free Complex

When is comes to managing the stressors of work, family and even a global pandemic, there is a lot we can do to minimize the negative effects and the toll it can cause the body. For ideas, read the post on amazing stress relief for moms.

Taking natural adaptogens are a way to give yourself the gift of health each month. While some stress is good, long term consistent stressors can have a negative impact on health and well-being. As an ambassador of RidgeCrest, I’ve found the Anxiety Free Stress Complex to be a great tool to help take the edge off my day, especially during “pandemic” season.

It’s really been jarring to hear how people are coping these days. During periods of high stress, it’s easy to turn to old vices when the world starts to beat you down.

But if you’re looking for something you can do for you, that you won’t regret later, I can’t recommend Anxiety Free enough.

Detangling Brush

One of the reasons I like having an online platform is because I get to share my favorite things with the world. Before I had a blog, I would tell a friend or two about a new thing I was “fan-girling over” and maybe they would try it.

But for the last ten years, let’s just say that my reach has increased some. One of the things I’ve found is a wonderful detangling brush specifically for curly hair.

Having lots of curly hair is a blessing but, let me tell you, it’s also a lot of work too.

This brush makes detangling my curly coif really easy. While this is not a “health gift”, it’s definitely a great self-care gift that you can enjoy time and time again.

Sinus Clear

If you or family members have seasonal allergies, you really shoudn’t be without Sinus Clear. Life is already tough enough as it is. For my family, hanging outdoors (especially during the COVID pandemic) has been a big relief.

The last thing I need is to be running after runny noses during our time outdoors. Sinus Clear has added a boost of outdoor confidence that I didn’t even know was achievable for my ten year old. Read more about my family’s experience with Sinus Clear below:

Organic Dark Chocolate

While you may have heard that dark chocolate is good for you, do you know what makes it so “good for you”?

It’s not the mik or the cane sugar, it’s the cacao. Robust, rich, full of antioxidants, prebiotics and flavor. I came across this non-gmo, Paleo, vegan organic dark chocolate and I had to share.

It’s a great gift of self-care in a bar. I love pairing the chocolate with the perfect cup of green tea and my favorite magazine. The act of kindness is a perfect mix of health and self-care in a sweet moment you’ll want to have again and again.

Holistic Health Coach

Everyone needs a coach. Lebron James , Beyonce and Meryl Streep are all famous names that have coaches. Hiring a coach is not a form of weakness, but a form of strength.

I recently launched health coaching as a service to help others find their way back to optimal health and wellness.

It’s something that you can take advantage wherever you are and whatever phase of life you may be in.

You can keep saying that you’ll take better care of yourself or you can start doing it one step and one “gift” at a time. This month you have five “new to you” options to do just that.

So what are you going to choose?

Thank you RidgeCrest Herbals for sponsoring this post.

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