Why Spring Walks Rock

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Spring is finally here. Can I get a YIPPEE?!? Even though things are not always warm and sunny around here, when we get a sneak peak of warmth, we can’t help but to go outdoors and take a spring walk. Here are five reasons that spring walks rock!

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Sibling Bonding


I know that they won’t always get along. But, I love to see them walk, talk and play together. These moments always melt my heart.

It Brings Out the Silliness in Us

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There is a chemical reason why people are happier in the sun. Maybe it has something to do with dopamine? Well, whatever it is, walking and playing in the spring sunshine brings out the silliness in all of us and I love it!

Small Discoveries

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The wonder, and innocence of a child, is a sight to behold. Spring walks give us a chance to re-discover nature through site, smell, touch and sound.

It’s an Opportunity to Stretch

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Winter can make things pretty sluggish and sleepy. Taking a spring walk is a perfect way to wake up..stretch and come alive again.

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