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Last Minute Kids Easter Outfit Picks

If Easter snuck up on you this year don’t worry, you’re not alone. This happens to me every year. Next thing I know I’m scrambling looking for Easter outfits for the kids. Of course they are growing like weeds so last year’s Easter outfits just won’t do. Many people think about Amazon for stocking on […]

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Kids Style: Flowers and Lace

If there is anything the Rain Drop loves more than staying at hotels and playing with her toys, it’s getting dressed up. It’s a good thing we share some the same views on clothing…at least for now. Kids clothes should be stylish, comfortable and fun. For girls, a little touch of whimsy is always playful […]

Why Spring Walks Rock

Spring is finally here. Can I get a YIPPEE?!? Even though things are not always warm and sunny around here, when we get a sneak peak of warmth, we can’t help but to go outdoors and take a spring walk. Here are five reasons that spring walks rock! Note: I participated in an Influencer Activation […]