Chickpea paella with artichoke hearts, bell pepper, and tomatoes

Sun Basket Review: A Healthy Meal Kit for Busy Families

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Subscription boxes are all the rage. You name it and there’s a subscription box service for it. There are even subscription box services for meal delivery kits. In this Sun Basket review, (thanks to Sun Basket sending me some goodies to try), I’m breaking down what you get and if I think the Sun Basket meal kit is worth it or a waste of time and money.

I’m the last person that I thought would be using a meal delivery service. I used to think, aren’t those the kits for people that can’t cook?

Won’t cook.

Don’t like to cook.

Won’t make time to cook.

But it’s not always about that. Investing in a meal kit service such as Sun Basket is a way to outsourcing more and stressing less.

I actually love to cook and have been cooking from age 9 or 10.
As a child learning to cook, I started with the usual suspects and some odd ball food items thrown in.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Boiled eggs.

Boiled corn.

Boiled hot dogs.

Fried hot dogs.

Fried sugary dough.



It’s funny, reading that list back myself. Many of those foods I no longer find appetizing. Long there after, I began writing and cooking the coconut curry shrimp, sweet and spicy calypso chicken wraps and lemon herb chicken recipes that you know and love today. I know, you can admit it…you love them.

The truth is, Sun Basket is for people that don’t like to cook. It’s also for people that love to cook. Let me explain.

People that Don’t Like to Cook. Don’t Know How to Cook.

My groom doesn’t like to cook. As a matter of fact, he credits me with teaching him everything he knows in the kitchen. Initially, I would try to get him to cook more often. But we would both end up frustrated. He likes step by step instructions with pictures and I’m like just add some seasoning “to taste” or my favorite, just “follow your food intuition” it’ll tell you what to do. Apparently, everyone doesn’t have food intuition.

When we opened our first week of meals from Sun Basket, I got to work right away eyeing the Italian sausages with mango poppy seed insalata and red pepper vinaigrette. I like that all of the recipes in Sun Basket meal kits are 30 minutes or less. So you won’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

After looking the Italian recipe over and tired after a day’s worth of kids activities, I had a bright idea.

“Honey, can you cook dinner tonight?”
(Insert perplexed look from him)

“Everything you need is right in the kit.”

It went better than I expected. So well in fact, that I turned on the camera recorded a Facebook Live. You can watch the video below.

Italian sausages with mango-poppy seed insalata and red pepper vinaigrette

The best thing about Sun Basket is that everything you need is in the box. Sun Basket markets itself as a meal kit service offering healthy, organic sunstainable ingredients. This includes vegan, diabetic, paleo and gluten free options. Each box comes with a colorful booklet with featured recipes from award winning chef Justine Kelly.

The booklets not only include recipes but, chef tips and a special “Kids Can” section so that kids can join in and be hands-on in the cooking fun.

Chickpea paella with artichoke hearts, bell pepper, and tomatoes
Chickpea paella with artichoke hearts, bell pepper, and tomatoes

Through out the process, my groom muttered things like this…

“I like this.”

“I want this forever.”

“I’m a fan of this whole thing right now. It’s in a bag and comes with a book with pictures.”

I guess you can say, that he liked it.

People that Like Love to Cook

Guilty as charged. As busy as homeschooling, kids activities, travel, and our businesses keep me, I just enjoy cooking. It’s one of the ways I show my love. When you’re eating to live, not living to eat, eating more meals at home and using fresh ingredients is ultra important.

That’s one of the reasons, that I’m taking the time to write this Sun Basket review. As an avid, grocery shopper I appreciate the care that went into carefully selecting and packing fresh organic ingredients like mango, lime and parsley sourced from the best farms to my family table. If your Sun basket shipment contains any meats, you can be rest assured knowing that they are packed so that they don’t touch the produce in the box.

Also, after you’re finished cooking, clean up is super easy because you can just put all the trash and used containers in the included bags that the food came in.

Each of my boxes came with two recyclable ice packs. Ice packs are an important detail when the delivery driver drops off Sun Basket boxes on your front door and you’re out running errands or the kids are running around like crazy people and you totally didn’t remember to unpack the box until after bed time. (Don’t ask me how I know)

Kids Can Get Involved

I also like that Sun Basket makes it super easy for kids to get involved too. I mean there is actually a “Kids Can” section. You just can’t get any easier than that. At eight years old, my daughter reads the directions, measures, stirs, opens packages, add garnishes and makes sure that I don’t miss any steps.

So I’m going to break the suspense. I know it’s killing you (insert sarcastic grin here). I like Sun Basket. Here’s a synopsis on why:

Southwestern turkey and sweet potato skillet with avocado
  • Takes the guess work out of dinner
  • Saves trips to the grocery store
  • Encourages non cooking spouses and family members to cook
  • Simple step by step instructions
  • Easy to stay on task with healthy meals and dietary preferences (choose from: Lean & Clean, Paleo, Vegan, Chef’s Choice, Gluten-Free, Pescatarian, Vegan, Mediterranean)
  • Uses organic ingredients
  • Quick meals (in around 30 minutes)
  • Hard to mess up
Asian rice noodles with sesame dressing and soft-cooked eggs

I’m a big believer that if outsourcing will save you time, it saves you money and that can lead to a better quality life and a happier family as well. So, if you’re looking for an easier, organic meal kit delivery for your busy family, check out the prices for Sun Basket. It may be the meal kit that you didn’t even know you needed.

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