When Does a Little Girl Become a Princess?

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I was blessed with a little princess almost four years ago. She came into the world hustling and bustling. She would not wait or require the 4o weeks of prep time that everyone requested of her. I had never told her that she was a princess.

when does a little girl become a princess

But somehow she knows. I can tell by the ways she bats her lashes when she talks. The way she sometimes sashays when she walks. And ever so often, when my back is turned, she will sneak into my accessories…and rope my necklaces around her neck and dance emphatically to any tune that she hears.

Recently, I took my little girl to a princess birthday party . She was already fascinated by all the princess characters that she had seen in books, movies and the like. But now, she was immersed into the princess culture. Fancy dresses, things that sparkled and a whole lot of pink. Now if you plan on making your little girl’s princess dreams come true, there are some things that you should do to plan it right.

To find out how to plan your own princess party, go to 5 Minutes for Mom to read more.

Thanks for letting me document the party Alise. It was truly a grand event!

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    I love your wording. Isn’t it true how little girls just know they are a Princess? I love watching my Girlies grow into being the Princesses I they are…it’s amazing to watch. Thanks so much for sharing…

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      They totally do. Thanks for stopping by!

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