The Year of Stretch & a Time to Lead

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On my last birthday, I decided that my “personal new year” would be one of stretch. Trying and doings beyond my norms. Some things that I’d always wanted to try, others…just deciding to say “yes” to new opportunities. I wanted to ring in this new decade of life with a bang. And now with only three weeks since I started this journey, life is richer, I’ve grown so much and I plan to keep going.

I’ve decided to “stretch” instead of battling with questions like, “what if’s”.
Nope… I’m going to give this life the best that I’ve got.

Great risks reap great rewards. I’ve discovered along the way that I’m good enough. I’m smart enough. And I am capable of doing infinitely more than I had ever imagined.

Here are just a few things that I’ve tried in my year of stretch.

  • Started sharing my own branded health and wellness quotes.

You can find them prettily scattered on platforms like Instagram.

  • Wrote a health and wellness ebook. First e-cookbook is upcoming.
  • Started my own private Facebook community…It’s called Healthy Rx.

It’s a private health and wellness group that you can request to join here.

  • Said, “yes” to to many speaking opportunities. More to come on that.

  • Started teaching my own cooking classes at Whole Foods.

The more I try, the more I discover my strengths and my weaknesses too. This has helped my become a better mother, teacher and woman overall.

  • Most recently I said, “yes” to becoming one of the community leaders at Blissdom.

What is Blissdom?

Blissdom is a conference for social media managers, influencers, podcasters, speakers, entrepreneurs and photographers that want to step their business up.

What will my “job” as a Blissdom Community Leader entail?

Besides meeting beautiful people, I will help get folks like you excited about the conference and the super early bird pricing that ends on April 30th.

Buy your Blissdom tickets here

Full price attendee tickets are $689 but are now $389 at the early bird price so jump on this.

Where is it… When is it?

Blissdom is on November 14th-November 16th in Nashville, Tn.

So what so you think? Will I see you there? As a community leader I get to cheer on people just like you that are learning to push through the noise to follow their dreams.

The line up of speakers is amazing and I can’t wait to dig in.

Will you be at Blissdom this year?

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