I’ll Be Teaching Cooking Classes at Whole Foods

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I’m one step closer to getting my own cooking show. The Today Show is going to give me my own segment. Oprah is about to call me any day now. Ellen needs some new talent for Ellen Tube. Netflix just started a new online cooking original series…and they want me to star in it. All of this could happen but until then…it’s about to go down at Whole Foods in Annapolis where I am a guest chef/culinary expert.

Whole Foods Annapolis, 3/1/19

Years ago I had a business called It’s Meal Thyme. I offered quite a few services including “Girl Dine-In Parties”. I went into women’s homes and showed them how to cook healthy original recipes like lemon herb chicken and summer-thyme blueberry lemonade. I no longer offer these services.

It’s Meal Thyme Cooking Class 3/24/13

It was fun but a lot of work too. Well on March 24, of 2013 six years ago when I was 6 months pregnant I had my last cooking event for my business.

It was the event arm of The Domestic Life Stylist. I taught. We cooked my original recipes. We goofed. We had fun. The events were always well attended. But, I distinctly remember something after that last cooking party. I was so exhausted. Partly because I was six months pregnant. But just the mere magnitude of it all. I know it’s crazy but, I had no hired help. Maybe one or two kitchen helpers (friends) at times during launching but that was pretty much it.

By the way, before I started my cooking party business, I held a cooking class for some women at my church and wrote about it here. That opened that door. It’s so crazy to think that was seven years ago. I love using my blog to walk down memory lane.

First Cooking Class 3/2012

What a huge learning experience that was. But I longed for access to a professional kitchen, with more hands-on help, where I could share my love of healthy eating, using food to nourish and heal and people would drive to see me. I wouldn’t have to drive all over the place.

Well the time has come. Eek!

The first class is on March 13th at Whole Foods.

This has been a dream of mine for more than seven years. I love a good full circle moment. Especially when it’s mine. If you want to get a taste of my teaching/cooking style, look check out this tv cooking segment.

Will you be there?

Seats are limited but if you register now, there’ll be one for you.

Photo courtesy of Whole Food Annapolis

>>Register for Spring Fling Lemons Class<<


One last thing, do me a favor…Go follow your dreams!

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