Tea Time May 2024

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It’s time for another cup of tea time and let me tell you…I am so ready. The month of May is my month, also affectionally assigned the name “mom’s month” so that my family can understand the importance of the assignment.

Have you ever realized that you were pouring from a cup that was empty? Some years ago, I was in the position too until I made a huge switch.

One of the things I did was updated my idea of what the word “birthday” means to me and how I show up for myself in the season of my personal new year.

The fact that Mother’s Day is also in May, seemed like an obvious indication of what my next move should be. So, I decided to spread the spread the joy from one day to the one month.

It was only natural don’t you think?

This simple mindset shift has allowed me to unapologetically focus on restoration and renewal in the busy season of earning, building and rearing.

I hope that you that you too can find some time for you to do more of the same this month.

Now, here’s the tea and all the finds I’m feeling in my birthday month.

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