A Classic Tale About a Girl and Her Kicks

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I’m having a full circle moment. The story began in the early 1980’s. I was in grade school and every where I turned it seemed to me that everyone was rocking a pair of Reebok Club MEMT’s Classics Leather sneakers. From the playground to the school grounds, you just couldn’t miss it.

Secretly I wanted a pair but, it just wasn’t one of those items on the family budget. In high school, we wore uniforms. So wearing sneakers became an easy way for trendy students to stand out and stand apart. If you were wearing the latest and greatest, you climbed up on the social teen fashion scene.

That never happened for me so, somewhere along the lines I decided that I didn’t like and didn’t need to wear sneakers. Unless of course, I had to according to my gym teacher. Even then, I was reluctant to wear the sneakers I had because they lacked the name and style of what everyone else was wearing. A classic tale of sour grapes I suppose.

After Reebok Classics’ initial debut in the early 80’s, they reemerged in the 2000’s with that same iconic look I remember as a kid.

Bright white and smooth lines make this sneaker an essential closet staple. Soft leather and memory tech technology inserts means that it’s easy to never want to take them off. Busy momma’s like me need a shoe that will go the extra mile.

When I was a kid, I needed a sneaker that I could jump, skip and play in. As a mom of two little ones, I still need a sneaker that I can jump, skip and play in.

My kids don’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. So, I plan to keep up.

And may I add that I want to keep a sense of style even if I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Shoot…in many many ways I’m still that little girl that wants to be a part of the cool kids club. I guess some things never change.

What has changed is that buying my childhood sneaker crush has never been so easy. When I was ready to purchase my new kicks I simply searched online for the UPC code of the exact style, size and sneaker I wanted, called up DSW and placed them on 24 hour reserve.

By the time I got to my local DSW store, the order was all ready to go. You can also buy your own pair of Reebok Club MEMT sneakers at DSW as well.

From date night to girls night, from playground to school grounds…Reebok Classics is still the one I want.

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