My Doctor Oz Show Experience (smile)

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If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then you probably already know that I was invited to the Dr. Oz show a few months ago.

If not then I am quite saddened by that. You should be following me on social media.

Headed to Dr. Oz show

Anyway, I was quite excited as you can imagine. Along with 9 other bloggers we played the role of “twitter correspondents”, and faciliated the online discussion on a topic that can sometimes be taboo…depression. The show airs this Wednesday December 10th at 2 pm EST in New York, but check your local listings for the network and your local time.

The Dr. Oz Show Mom Bloggers Group Shot (2)

I won’t know until I see the show if I will actually make air time but, as a blogger I have to say that being recognized as a online influencer in that way is pretty special. Just a another reason I am thankful this year. So set your DVR’s for this Wednesday and be a part of the discussion on moms and depression. It’s an important one.

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I look forward to growing with you in 2015.

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    Jay Norman

    Wow! Congrats. Dr. Oz is awesome, and so is your blog. And yes, I’m just finding out about this, even though I follow you on Facebook. Blame the Facebook algorithm for telling me what it thinks I want to read.

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      Thanks for your kind words. Awe…Facebook. We have a love hate relationship. That’s why it’s so worth it to be a subscriber, which I am glad you are.

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