December Grocery Sales Cycles

December Grocery Sales Cycle

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December is here! Time for cookie baking, tree decorating and gift buying and some much needed family time. I really hope that you enjoyed this series of grocery sales cycles as much as I did creating them. I have been tracking these grocery sales cycles for years and it was my hope to share it via an e-book. I later changed my mind and thought that the cycles would benefit more people in this blog post series.

December Grocery Sales Cycles

If you missed any of the other grocery sales cycles, you can find them all here.


During the Christmas holiday season there is lots of cooking and baking taking place. As with the November Grocery Sales cycle, you can expect to see baking supplies like pans, vanilla extract, spices chocolate chips, flour and mixes on sale. This is truly the time to stock up. Most of these items are at their lowest price point for the year. Don’t forget to stock up on soups too!

Fruit and Veggies

Produce like Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, greens like collards and kale and don’t forget about pears. They are so delicious this time of year and they are all around. For more of what’s in season check out Fruit and Veggies Matters.


It’s time for house gatherings and entertaining. As such, it is important to keep your home not only looking but smelling good. Look out at for sale prices on air fresheners to keep your home smelling great. Match those sales with coupons and get the biggest “bang for your buck”.

Thanks for following along for our grocery sales cycle series. If you missed any, don’t forget that you can always catch up here. Of course, don’t forget to subscribe to The Domestic Life Stylist Style Letter and get updates delivered straight to your inbox.

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    Lisa the list is spot on. Butternut squash (roasted, soup, timbales), collards (stew), kale (salad & lightly sautéed) and sweet potatoes (baked straight up & cakes) are all making a weekly appearance on my menu.

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      Yum to all! Now, I’m hungry.

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    I do a lot of couponing and price-matching, so this list of what’s at the lowest prices currently is really helpful! I’m stopping by from Titus 2 Tuesdays link-up. Thanks!
    Jen 🙂

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      That’s what I like to hear. Thanks for stopping by.

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