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If you’re looking for a book about natural wellness you’ve come to the right place. Be FINE gets to the bottom of health concerns, while using natural solutions to address health issues, fight chronic conditions, reach health goals and help the body heal without the use of prescription drugs.

What is Natural Wellness?

Natural wellness is anything having to do with supporting and promoting health, healing and longevity through natural solutions. These solutions may include (but are not limited to) massage therapy, reading books on natural wellness, chiropractic care, the use of essential oils, using food as medicine or visiting a natural wellness center. People that seek this personalized approach are not just looking for medical advice. They are looking to address medical conditions and the pursuit of overall health in the most natural way. Other terms to describe natural wellness include natural medicine, natural healthcare, naturopathic medicine and holistic medicine.

Who is Natural Wellness For?

Natural wellness has been around since the beginning of time and is for people of all ages.

​What are the Benefits of Natural Wellness?

​There are several benefits to seeking natural health and wellness. One of the biggest benefits is that you can start at home with little to no costs. Things like drinking more water, limiting sugars and starting a walking regimen require no overhead to begin.

The Best Book on Natural Wellness

I may be a bit biased, but one of the best books on natural wellness is Be FINE: Your Drug Free Prescription to Age Well, Beat Bulge and Stop Disease. Since I am the author of Be FINE, here’s what I can tell you about the book.

As a former pharmacist, I learned how to dispense the right drug, in the right dose, to the right patient at the right time. In practice, I noticed that while the approach was able to diminish the symptoms that occurred with some of these conditions, it actually didn’t get to the source of why the problem occurred in the first place.

That’s why I wrote Be FINE. Not only as a traditionally trained medical professional, but as someone Caribbean born and bred, I understand the importance of using a nature first approach in natural health and wellness. Here are what you’ll get your copy of Be FINE.

Benefits of the Be FINE Book

Be FINE: Your Drug-Free Prescription to Age Well, Beat Bulge, and Stop Disease is the whole-body blueprint you need for glowing, radiant health!

Dr. Lisa Leslie-Williams—holistic wellness expert and media maven—as she takes you on a

Caribbean-inspired journey of natural health using timeless principles interwoven with refreshing dinner-table candor, engaging story-telling, and thoughtful prompts designed to:

• Make your lifestyle your medicine

• Shatter generational illness

• Redefine aging

• Ignite your metabolism

• Boost immunity

• Identify and change health-limiting beliefs

• Heal from within

There’s much more!

The book offers a wealth of recipes, including island-inspired flavors, that are easy to make, healthy, and delicious.

You’ll feel the shift while coming to the important realization that you have control over your health, aging, and outlook on life.

Dr. Lisa shows you that the most qualified person to build your immunity, reverse aging, and slow your body’s deterioration, is you!

Where to Get Be FINE

You can order Be FINE here:

​You can also use these links to buy Be FINE directly from these FINE retailers.

Barnes & Noble (hardcover and paperback)

Amazon (paperback and ebook)

Books A Million (paperback)

IndieBooks (paperback)

Rakuten Kobo

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