10 Powerful Quotes for National Wellness Month

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Are you looking for inspiration? Here are 10 powerful quotes for national wellness month.

August has some pretty special days to take note of . There’s Left Handers Day and Middle Child Day, for example. The latter is obviously quite relevant because middle children grow up to be bright shining lights in society.


But I digress, more importantly, August is National Wellness Month!

Wellness is a term that has gained more momentum and popularity over recent years. I attribute that to the fact that “health” has been misused and abused. “Health” is often tossed in with political agendas, policies and has a grandiosity that some may find unattainable and un-relatable.

Wellness, on the other hand, implies an ongoing, individual journey and leans towards a holistic lifestyle approach.

Apply these wellness tips not just for wellness month but, all year long.

10 Tips for National Wellness Month

Wellness Quote #1

Wellness Quote #2

Wellness Quote #3

Wellness Quote #4

Wellness Quote #5

Wellness Quote #6

Wellness Quote #7

Wellness Quote #8

Wellness Quote #9

Wellness Quote #10

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Ten of the best ever wellness quotes to keep you inspired on your health and wellness journey.
Posted: August 14, 2020, Updated August 1, 2023

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