41 Ways to Support this Blog and Wish Me a Happy Birthday

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Today is my birthday! I’ll let you guess how old I made today (*smile). A couple people have already told me what to expect from forty-one. They said turning forty-one is not as cool as turning forty. Well first of all, every year is what you make it. And secondly, I make the rules around here. So since I didn’t write a birthday post last year, I’m writing one this year and…giving you some options to help wish me a happy birthday. By the way, I’m celebrating all year long. So feel free to jump on in. Here are forty-one ways to support this blog and wish me a happy birthday.

    1. Subscribe to the Domestic Life Stylist newsletter
    2. Sign up for Ebates to save online shopping using my referral code
    3. Join my Healthy Rx Community
    4. Follow my page on Facebook
    5. If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, leave a tip using my PayPal Me: paypal.me/lisalesliewilliams
    6. Share this post
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    11. Shop in my Amazon Recommendations in my Amazon Shop
    12. Buy my favorite health books
    13. Follow Dr. Lisa YouTube channel.
    14. Let’s connect on LinkedIn
    15. Share this post on Facebook
    16. Tell your friends about this blog
    17. Watch and comment on this video
    18. Buy the Dream Big Doubt Small mug
    19. Sign up to watch the free anti-cancer web series
    20. Retweet this tweet
    21. Endorse one of my skills on LinkedIn
    22. Watch the Secret Ingredient Movie, it’s free.
    23. Follow me on Twitter
    24. Leave a comment on this post
    25. Follow this Facebook page
    26. Suggest blog topics or post ideas.
    27. Answer in the comments, if you could buy me 41 of anything, what would it be?
    28. What advice would you give me for my 41st birthday?
    29. Give one suggestion to improve the blog.
    30. Register for the DIY Detox Summit and learn how to detoxify your home.
    31. It may be my birthday but you get a gift. Download this free guide on how to detox in 5 days and restore your energy levels.
    32. Read the 41st post on the Domestic Life Stylist. Oh my gosh…the picture is so cute.

    33. Let’s see if we can get 41 shares on this Facebook post.
    34. Follow me on Pinterest
    35. Watch this YouTube video.
    36. Watch this Facebook video
    37. Check out this cool book with 41 in the title.

    38. Just for fun, listen to the 41st song on the top 100 songs on the radio list. Play it loud.
    39. Like this 41st post on Instagram.
    40. Comment: If you could buy yourself 41 of anything, what would it be.
    41. Attend future DLS events…trust me, there’ll be more
    42. Tell me your favorite blog post on the Domestic Life Stylist.
    43. If I get 41 original comments on this blog post…not including my own, I will randomly select someone and shout out your family friendly business, charity or handle on social media.

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    F Rabsatt

    Happy Birthday chica! Keep living life to the fullest. You deserve it… after all you’ve had 41 years of laughter, fun, joy, trials, accomplishments, failures, and endless experiences. Why stop now! Enjoy your day!

    • avatar

      Agreed. All of that and then some. Cheers to many more!

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    Hi, I’m so glad I opened your email and read this great post! I think one of your prompts was what are 41 things I’d give you— I saw the loveliest peonies this week— 41 of those in a huge bouquet would be stunning! Like you. Happy birthday, fellow ♉️

    • avatar

      That would be so a beautiful. I appreciate the generous thoughts. Now I’m going to have to look for peonies.

  • avatar

    Happy Birthday! Forty one is just the beginning!

    • avatar

      Thank you so much. I’m excited to see where this chapter leads me.

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