The Devastating Way Cancer Changes Things

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I didn’t need my friend to die. Nope…she should still be here. She should have been here to spend time with her family this past Mother’s Day. She should have been here to celebrate another milestone of life with her son. Her and I should be planning to go on a girls’ trip this year. But the fact is, cancer cut her time on earth short.

Another life is lost and life just keeps moving.

Well except, a son is now motherless. A husband is without his wife. A mom is left without one of her three gems in her crown. A friend is left typing words on a page and reliving one of the last “conversations she had with her friend”.

It was an email that I sent about a cancer docu-series that I wanted her to watch. In fact I had shared the link not only with her but, inside my private “Healthy Rx” Facebook community and even last weekend at lunch with some friends.

Me: “Here the link: (inserts link to powerful series)”
Friend: “I got it. Thanks”

And that was it. We didn’t talk about it anymore.

We never got to have a conversation about the information I’d shared. If she’d watched the video series. What did she think about it?

While that’s the case for her, that doesn’t have to be the case for you or your loved ones. I miss my friend dearly but, if I just stop there, then her death would be in vain.

I want to share a FREE event with you called the Anti-Cancer Revolution. This online event is from June 17-23, 2019. During the event, many of the world’s top natural healing experts, doctors and naturopaths will be talking about natural ways to support the fight against cancer.

Make sure you register because you certainly won’t hear this information at your Dr’s office.

A cancer diagnosis is devastating. It changes things. But, there’s hope.

>>Watching this anti-cancer FREE online series can help.<<

In memory of my dear Keshema.

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