My Thanksgiving Gift to You

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As you prepare to delight in the company of family and friends this Thanksgiving holiday. I want to thank you for your readership, encouragement and support through the years.

For every post you’ve read,

Every recipe you’ve tried,

Every email that you’ve opened,

Every friend you’ve told,

Every video you’ve watched,

Every social media platform where you’ve followed

And every time you’ve stopped me in real life and said, “Excuse me, do you have a blog?”

tea in marseille

….I thank you.

And although you probably already know what you’ll be cooking on Thursday, here a few recipes for your Thanksgiving table from me to you.

Peas and Rice

I’m passing on this recipe because deep in my heart, I know that you want to try something different for Thanksgiving this year. In the Caribbean and Latin America, peas and rice is a definite staple. A traditional Virgin Islands Thanksgiving definitely has peas and rice on the menu.

So whether you want to give your guests a bit of “island flavor” this year or maybe you want to do something different with rice, then peas and rice is the way to go.

Orange Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

orange rosemary sweet potato
I love sweet potatoes and these tasty ones really hit the spot. I know what you’re thinking…you already have sweet potato casserole on the menu. But these sweet potatoes are a little bit of sweet, a splash of tang and whole lot of yum. Orange rosemary sweet potatoes are a crowd-pleaser and every time I prepare them they don’t disappoint.

Virgin Islands Coleslaw

Virgin Islands Coleslaw 900x600

Here’s another island favorite that you will be happy to serve your guests. This coleslaw is simple to make yet so good. If you happen to be doing your Thanksgiving “island style”, you’ll find the Virgin Island coleslaw next to the peas and rice.

That’s it. An array of scrumptious sides that will be sure to please your palette and your guests.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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