Organizing outgrown kids clothes

Ways to Ditch Your Kids’ Outgrown Clothing

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Kids grow so fast don’t they? One minute they have no teeth, no hair and no appetite for anything but milk…the next moment they are eating everything in sight and have a head full of hair. Now, if you are doing this “parenting thing”, you may have noticed that when kids grow, they leave a trail of outgrown clothes behind. Lots of  them.

What to do with outgrown kids clothes

In fact, their little bodies grow so quickly that many times they may have not had a chance to wear all the clothes before they have outgrown them.

It really can be overwhelming.  If you  have younger children that could use outgrown clothing, then this really is a “no-brainer”. Just pass the clothes down. Finding the space to store extra clothing can be challenging so, proper organizing is key. Here are some other ways to ditch your kids’ outgrown clothes and shoes.

Sell Consignment

If you want to skip yard sales, stores like Once Upon a Child make it easy to sell clothing and make a few bucks in the process. No consignment stores nearby… no problem.  Sites like manage buying and selling of gently used items from the comfort of your home. Isn’t the Internet great?

Donate to charity

The Goodwill and Salvation Army are popular options. But don’t overlook smaller charities and organizations such as domestic violence shelters and churches. It will feel good to pass on your children’s gently used clothing to those in need.

Pass them Along

Give your children’s outgrown clothes a second chance by passing them along  to a friend or family member in need. Since I have both a boy and a girl, I tend to save really special pieces for my friends with little ones around the same age and gender. Passing clothing between siblings is also a good idea. If you can afford to, just make sure to buy some new items for younger siblings from time to time. Consistently getting second-hand clothing when an older sibling gets to have brand new clothes can be a drag.

Make a  Memento

Companies like Campus Quilts make quilts from clothing like old t-shirts, socks, hats and even baby items. What a great idea for bringing new life to outgrown baby items!

Toss Them

Any clothing that is stained, has holes or has “passed it prime” should be thrown away. There is no reason to “hang on” to that stuff. For every 25 pieces of children’s clothing that you sort, there is a good chance that you will find at least one item that needs to be thrown away.

So just let it go! Sorting, organizing and getting rid of children’s clothing that are outgrown and passed their prime can be a tedious task. The key is developing a consistent system and making sure that it works for your family. For especially younger kids, sorting through closets, drawers… for clothing and shoes once a month is a great idea. Sorting and organizing these items in smaller intervals makes the task easier and less daunting.

The best system usually involves using a multi-tiered approach. Think of it this way, the less unwanted “stuff” aka outgrown children’s clothing that you hold on to, the more space you have to create the kids room of your dreams. You know, like the ones on Pinterest and in glossy magazines.

OK, maybe I am getting carried away here but, I think you get my point. For more ideas on how to organize your kids spaces, I highly recommend that you follow my Kids Spaces Pinterest board. There is even an idea on what to do with unwanted kids shoes. You are going to love it. Hint: You can hang it on the wall.

Follow Lisa (The Domestic Life Stylist)’s board Kids Spaces on Pinterest.

How about you? What do you do with clothes that your children have outgrown? Share your ideas in the comments.

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    We get rid of clothes most of these ways, although I’ve never tried consignment before. Honestly, I’m not sure our clothes are really nice enough for that. I’ve always wanted to do one of those quilt things, but oh the price!! Thanks for your suggestions. -Tabitha

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      Yes, I think the quilts are such a cute and unique gift idea.

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    Great ideas. We usually try to donate when things get too small. I try going through clothing once or twice a season.

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      Thanks for reading Rebecca. I am at the stage where I have to go through things more often because we have an infant. These little folks grow so fast!

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