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The Secret to Life Long Friendships

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Good friends are hard to find. Things were easier in grade school, junior high and even high school. But many years and dare I say decades later…gulp…things are different. The easy friendships that we attained because we shared the same sandbox, same classrooms, same dormitories, many of those are gone.

Secrets to lifelong friendship

If you are fortunate, you may still have some of those same friends from years past. The relationships may have changed a bit but like an old sweater, they just fit. You just don’t want to throw them away. You have to work really hard to keep those relationships alive.

But, they are important. So you do.

At times, the heartbeat of the friendship is just a faint, barely an audible pulse. And other times the pulse of friendship beats so fast that there is energy and warmth in every smile, every conversation and every embrace  that cannot be denied.

So what is the secret? Is there even a secret to lifelong friendships?

I don’t think that there is a secret per se. But, I do believe that honesty, accountability and empathy go a long way. And above all else…these must be LOVE.

I did come across these beautiful ladies Irene and Alice though. They seem to know a little something about friendship as they have been friends for 94 years. They are centenarians. Wow! Here is what they had to say.

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    Erica – Let Why Lead

    94 years? Yeah that is kind of unimaginable! They are so cute! I agree that valentine’s is the perfect time to celebrate friendship.

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    Love the picture 😉 I’m definitely one who values and appreciates true friendships. Over the years, I’ve learned to stop putting my energy toward those relationships where the other person was not very responsive. One person can’t sustain a friendship, so I’ve learned to let those go and give my true friends the best of me 🙂

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      Yes! I am right there with you Moira. Interestingly enough, when I learned to “let go”, life became so much more peaceful. Like you, I just can’t make time for people that don’t make time for me. I know you my “lifelong” friends are and those relationships are really important to me.

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    Christy Hoover

    It is such an awesome thing to experience a true friend that stands the test of times. Now these two ladies in the video are a trip but so heart warming!

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      My point exactly. They are “spicy” aren’t they?

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    There is such beauty in friendship. I’ve had to explain to my 10 year old that one true friend is better than 20 acquantinces.

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      She will come to understand what her mama is talking about soon. I learned some very valuable lessons about friendships over the last few years. I wish I would have learned them earlier. But, you live and you learn. When I was 10, if my mom had told me that “one true friend is better than 20 acquaintances”, I would have looked at her like she did not know what she was talking about. lol. But, it is so true.

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