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The Dr Oz Show & Blue Suede Shoes

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Did you miss it?  Just keep reading and I’ll catch you up. A few weeks ago, a segment that I taped earlier aired on the Dr. Oz show. This was not my first time on the show. Actually it was my fourth. Well that’s if you count my initial appearance, which I lovingly call my “non speaking role”.

Dr. Oz media appearance 2016-07-20 19.03.48

And then there were a couple non-studio video appearances after that. But this time was different. It was the time I spoke to Dr. Oz for a full 2:52 minutes on national tv about shoes and how to keep them clean. It was the time that this momma of two, got treated to full hair and make-up and got to use words like “green room” and “on the set”.

To tell you the truth,  I thought that my heart as going to jump out of my chest the entire time. Not that talking to Dr. Oz rattled me but, taping the segment in front of a “live” studio audience was the kicker. I guess that you probably figured out by now that I didn’t faint and actually kept my cool.

It’s funny how God just swoops in and says, “I got you”.

So do you want to know some simple cleaning hacks to keep your shoes clean? You’ll need some cotton swabs, an Emory board and…actually, it’s much easier if you just watch the clip.

Dr. Oz show 2016-07-20 19.25.53

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