Tea Time June 2024

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It’s a new month and I’m officially taking in all the sunshine and relaxation that I can get. Rest and renewal is officially the name of the game.

I’m also enjoying this season of travel and giving myself the freedom to not necessarily have to write about it.

Of course as a home educator, summer is the time that we start planning for the new school year. So there is prep that comes with that.

Pausing…to take in the fact that I will have a high schooler.


Also happening this month is the 1 year anniversary of my book Be FINE. It was on June 13th of last year, that I birthed my first book baby.

Honestly, the time went by super quickly. I’m elated to have produced a body of work that has helped so many people and will continue to plant seeds of wellness for generations to come.

Now are you ready for some tea? Here are some of my favorite shopping finds this month.

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