Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day: 7 Ways that Technology Helps Families Stay in Touch

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Grandparents Day falls on September 7th this year. If your children are fortunate to have your parents around to be a consistent presence in their lives, then cherish that blessing. I did not grow up with my grandparents near by. Visiting  each other meant a flight and most times conversations were out of reach because of  long distance telephone costs.

How to use technology to help grandparents and grand kids stay connected even when they live far away

Fast forward to today, and our children are much more fortunate than I was.  Even if their grandparents live far away, there are lots of ways to keep in touch.

Ways to Stay Connected When Grandparents Live Far Away (Affiliate links have been used in this post)


Skype is free,  it’s easy to use and requires no special technology to start using it. As long as both parties have a computer with a camera, then you are good to go.


Text Me is an app on IOS that allows users to make free calls, send text messages and video calls using free credits. Over 200 hundred countries are available using Text Me.


Just a touch of a button and a phone call can turn into a video call in no time. Like any other technology the quality can be a bit choppy depending on connection and network load. But overall, Facetime can be a fun way for grandparents and grand kids to keep in touch.


Use Youtube to upload videos of your children and share them with family. Videos can be kept private or made public. Like anything else, it’s really up to your discretion how much you want to disclose. Just keep in mind that if you are uploading videos to a public website or portal, nothing can be considered 100% private.

Phone Call

It’s an oldie but goodie…sometimes keeping in touch can be as simple as a phone call.

Google Chat

If you are on Google, Google video chats or hangouts are an easy way to keep kids in touch with their grandparents that  live far away. Again, Google chat is free, all you need is a Google account and computer with a built in webcam and you are all set.

Creative Keepsakes

There are lots of creative keepsakes that help grandparents and grandkids stay connected. With the constant evolution of technology it just keeps getting better and better.  Of course there is no shortage of personalized photo books and calendars which grandparents love.

Happy Grandparents Day!

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