2019 Year in Review

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We did it ya’ll. We made through another year. And we’re rolling quickly into a new decade. Can you even believe it? Woosah!

And while this post is called “2019 Year in Review”, I’m obviously not going to go all confessional on you. There are no recipes. No trips to tell you about or products to share. Life has ups and downs. Swivels and turns. So here’s my year in review.

This year I lost two friends to cancer. One of which was my dear friend Keshema. She always read my blog posts from top to bottom. And she always encouraged me to celebrate my wins.

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So, here I am. I’ve worked hard. Like crazy hard. And when you show up, life shows out. In the late fall of last year I set a goal to book 6 speaking engagements in 2019. I’m proud to say that I hit my number.

One of those engagments was the WOW Summit on Texas. If you’d like to see me in action at one of those speaking engagements, check out this short clip.

Besides speaking events, I signed up to be a community leader at Blissdom.

I collaborated with the Whole Foods culinary center for a LIVE cooking event. At the event, I shared and taught some of my original recipes.

Of course there were a couple of TV appearances on Good Morning Washington in 2019 like this one.

Speaking of which, I had just returned from St. Thomas a few days before this TV appearance. It was a tight squeeze. You can watch the segment, “Harness the Power of Fresh Herbs” here.

Boyfriend shirt
Cargo stonewashed jeans
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Speaking of TV, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be doing more video and TV in 2020. So stay tuned for that. Until then,

This year was the year I cranked up the heat on health and wellness topics on DLS. If you’re on my newsletter, I shared special free online health classes and series. There’s a lot more to come.

This year I partnered with companies like Amazon, as part of their Fashion Influencer Network. I really do enjoy sharing my Amazon finds with you. Readers got to participate in exciting giveaways like Cirque du Soleil and Monster Jam.

And speaking of shows, as a media partner of the National Theatre, there were lots of exciting shows and giveaways with them too. The most recent being the Illusionists Magic of the Holidays. reader, Kim K. won tickets to attend the show and she took her son for some special mom and son bonding time.

In 2019, I launched my first cookbook. It’s a e-cookbook and it’s my gift to you which you can download here. This year, I was a food contributor at Toy Insider. Every month I created an original recipe for parents and their families to enjoy.

On a personal note, I focused in on things and people that really mattered. I entered my fifth (gasp) year as a homeschooling mom. Someone pinch me, I’m not sure that I knew I would make it this long. This is the second year that I have two to teach, since our son is now in first grade.

I set a big hairy audacious goal of traveling once a month in 2019 and almost didn’t make it. But alas, December has a few days left and plans have been made. So that goal was met.

Scroll below for full outfit details.

Most of the travel was with my family which is always great. I love the fact that we can school and work on the road. Some of those trips included Bermuda, Banff and Orlando. I’ll have to tell you about some of those trips another time.

Speaking of trips, I was delighted to partner with Laurel Highlands for an amazing sponsored trip.

No one got sick in my family this year and no hospital visits…so I’m feeling pretty blessed. I stepped up our vitamins and supplements and I know that’s no coincidence.

But if we did step into some “germie” territory, I’d be tapping into these natural cold remedies, that’s for sure.

Lastly, earlier this month, I got the news that i was selected as an O Mag Insider for 2020. You can see the official list and read about the other O Mag Insiders here.

I don’t do vision boards but, I visualize.

I don’t believe in luck but, if I used such a word, I would tell you that God is my lucky charm.

I try to stay in my lane. I’m following my muse. It took a lot of practice. But, I’m better at it now.

I’ve failed. I’ve failed many, many times. But, it’s not about how many times you’ve failed. You figure out exactly what you want in life and go after it. Go after it HARD.

What is your dream life? One of the most popular posts on The Domestic Life Stylist is how to to live your dream life.

It’s hard to live the life of your dreams when you don’t know what you want.


Be specific.

You have the pen. You have to write the script for the life you want to live. It’s not easy to do but, as cliche as it sounds…it’s the only way to live your best life.

People die every day with untapped potential and unforeseen dreams. Do what you can, so that you don’t die with yours.

“The only courage you need is the courage to live the life of your dreams”. Oprah Winfrey

Outfit details:

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Thanks for being here.

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