How to Stay Positive When Bad Things Keep Happening

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Life is cyclical. Sometimes you’re up, the next you’re down. The idea, however, is to never stay down for long, if you can help it. So here are some tips on how to stay positive when bad things keep happening.

If you’re human, you’re going to lose people you love at some point, you’re going to have setbacks and you’re going to fail sometimes.

I know. This doesn’t sound too positive right now. But stick with me. Even though bad things happen, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed to a life of misery.

Take 2020 for example, when the new year and new decade started, everyone was excited and bursting with possibilities. And then as the year continued to progress, it unfolded and was NOTHING like we thought it would be. But, through it all, it’s important to stay positive.

Here are some ways to stay positive when bad things keep happening

Limit Screen Time

Negativity begets more negativity, and the last time I checked, screens (whether news screens or social media screens) they are always filled with negativity. As a matter of fact, negative news brings more viewership and brings better and higher paying ads, so what do you think they’ll play more of during the show?

When bad things happen and you’re trying to find ways to stay positive, stay away from excessive screen time, stop the scroll, don’t read the comments and divert your attention elsewhere. When the weather is good, spend more time outdoors.

Indoor activities can include things like baking, listening to music or putting together some scrapbooks or photo albums.

Name One Good Thing to Be Thankful For

It’s so easy to complain about everyting that’s going wrong. But, the same energy that you use to complain about what’s wrong, can be used to focus on the postive and what’s going right.

Let’s take the last two years for example, there is no shortage of memes and social media posts about how bad things have been over the last two years. But even in the midst of it, there has been some good.

For example, some families have been able to spend more time together than ever before, save more money (thanks to no travel and less outings), tackle debt, limited to no-work commutes, tackle long awaited home improvements, focus on passion projects, write books, start new businesses and more.

I don’t know what you’re going through but whatever it is, find one good thing in the midst of your circumstance. Write it down by keeping a gratitude journal.

Maybe today you can only find one good thing but, then tomorrow you can find two. The more consistent you are about finding things to be grateful for, the better you’ll get at at.

Use Back Up

Sometimes, even despite finding things to be grateful and minimizing the news, you may need some backup to start feeling like yourself again. Try treating yourself to a warm bath and applying some soothing essential oils. Lavender, ylang ylang and rose are great options.

You may also try tapping into herbal supplements and natural adaptogens as a way to process and cope. If things get really bad, don’t be scared to talk to a professional about what you’re gong through.

Stay Away from Negative People

Most people are in one of two buckets. The bucket of negativity or the bucket of positivity. It won’t take you long to figure out whose who. Once you do, you have to create some distance from the negative people. This is especially important when you’re in a particularly tough spot and trying to pull yourself out of from negativity.

Every phone call doesn’t need to be picked up. Every text message doesn’t require an immediate response. Every person doesn’t deserve to be in your social media feed. Every person doesn’t need to be in your inner circle. It’s really that simple.

Call a Friend

It’s important to know who to stay away from, but it’s also important to know who to call. You should have at least one person that you can call on no matter what. When you feel really down and need some uplifting, call the someone.

Don’t let pride get in the way of connection. Everybody needs somebody.

Take the Focus Off Yourself

When you’re going through a hard or “not so positive” time, one of the best things you can focus on is bringing joy or taking care of someone else. Why do you think pandemic puppies were such a hit. Yes, people have more time at home to take care of pets, but the bigger truth is…taking care of a cute puppy takes the focus off of their situation and brings lots of joy.

If you don’t want a pet don’t worry, buying plants can also help. In putting the focus on nurturing and caring for another living thing, calmness returns, stress releases and mental wellness renews.

So if you find yourself stuck in a funk, a bit of plant therapy may be exactly what you need.

I’ve collected quite a few plants over the years. Click below for a quick tour of some of my favorites:

Limit Processed Foods

Even though sugary, salty and processed foods may feel good at the time, they do nothing good for mental well-being. It’s hard to keep positive when your bloodstream is floating around with end products that are counterproductive to a positive state of mind. Instead of traditional comfort foods, focus on fresh salads, fruit and veggie juices and complex carbohydrates found in foods like sweet potatoes, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Not only do these foods taste good, but they help you stay in a positive mindset while feeling good as well.

Try these tips on how to stay positive when bad things keep happening and see it they weren’t turn things around.

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BONUS: Do you want to know another way to stay positive when life keeps coming at you? Put on some music and dance! It works like a charm.

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Original: November 30, 2020. Updated: June 26, 2022

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