Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day.

What is Prime Day & How to Get Ready for It (Amazon)

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If you don’t know what Prime Day is don’t worry… I’m going to help you out. If you already know what Prime Day is, this post will also help you get ready for Prime Day which is on July 16th.

Since I go crazy for all things Amazon anyway, that’s the least I can do to give back. Amazon is where I shop for many of our pantry staples, cleaning supplies and everyday necessities.
Prime Day. Amazon Prime Day.

What is Prime Day?

Prime day is a day of sales and deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Currently, Amazon Prime memberships are $119/year for new members and $59/year for students. If you’re on the fence about if that annual fee is worth it you should read Amazon Prime: Why It’s Worth the Money and How Amazon Helps me Be a Better Parent. Just think of Prime Day as Christmas in July. You can get some of the best deals on Prime Day.

Read all the benefits of Amazon Prime here.

How to Get Ready for Prime Day

  • Obviously the first thing you should do is sign up for Amazon Prime.
  • If you’re still on the fence about Amazon Prime, sign up for a free 30 day Amazon Prime trial.
  • Next mark the date ( July 16 3pm EST) on whatever calendar or calendars you use so that you don’t miss it. I recommend an electronic calendar like what comes on most smartphones or Google Calendar so that you can set up an alert.
  • Get Prime Day deal alerts by downloading the Amazon app ( and typing “sneak peek” in the search bar. Put any wish list items on you virtual shopping list. Next turn notifications on within the app so that you can be alerted as soon as those items go on sale. This post tells you exactly how to do it.
  • Sign up for my newsletter to get Prime Day updates. I’ll send a few updates to my email subscribers during Prime Day on the best Amazon Prime deals. I’m doing some of the leg work so that you don’t have to.
  • Watch deals so that you won’t miss alerts when items you are interested in go on sale.
  • Shop directly from my Amazon shop using this link: . I’ll be adding a Prime Deals section (with my favorite deals)to make it easy for no hassle shopping.
  • Follow the Domestic Life Stylist Facebook page on Facebook and look for Prime Day deals. Make sure to turn up notifications so that you don’t miss a thing. I’ll be posting my favorite Prime Day deals all day long.
  • Download the Whole Foods app and connect your phone number to get special Prime Day deals inside of Whole Foods. From 7/11-7/17/18, if you spend $10 you get $10 for Prime Day. Pretty cool right?

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