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Brake for the Huckleberry Jam

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On a recent trip to Wyoming, and on a quest to try something new on that trip, I tried some foods made from huckleberries. According to the locals, the bears swear by the stuff. Huckleberries grow in the northwestern United States from Wyoming to Canada and  just a few other states in between. They also need high elevations to grow so the scarcity is real.

huckleberry jam (The following contains affiliate links).

Well, if it’s good enough for the bears…it’s good enough for me. Oh, and I also spotted some huckleberry honey. It was so tasty looking. How good I not bring that deliciousness home? So I swaddled those goodies in among my clothing (so they didn’t break) and took them on the plane ride home. Yep, I was willing to risk the stuff breaking and staining the clothes in my suitcase. Don’t judge.

Needless to say, I’ve been rationing the huckleberry jam ever since because the stuff is so good. Here’s the thing though, this huckleberry jam will not be intermingled with peanut butter for a certain preschooler’s school lunch either. Nope. Everyone has their thing.

Only the crispiest cracker, fluffiest biscuit or finest artisanal bread will do. By the way, this particular jam is so sweet it could be a dessert topping. Come to think of it, anything with this much sugar will taste good.

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But I digress, if you are every passing through the mountains of Wyoming, Idaho, Canada, Alaska, Oregon or Washington…be sure to “brake” for the huckleberry jam.

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