best super bowl commercials

Best Super Bowl Commercials XLIX (2015)

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Did you watch the Super Bowl? I have to admit that I am more into the commercials than I am the actual football game. That being said, I refuse to watch spoilers of commercials on YouTube and newscasts before the Super Bowl has aired. I guess I am just “old school” that way. This year the commercials did not disappoint. I guess that makes sense because the average 30 second spot costs an advertiser a whopping $4.5 million dollars.

best super bowl commercials
In no particular order, here are the DLS Super Bowl ad favorites.

Dodge #DodgeWisdom

OK, so not all the actors in the commercial were centennials but most were, and I loved listening to their life wisdom.

(Link here)

Carefree #LikeaGirl

What does it mean to do something, “like a girl“? If you haven’t seen this commercial, don’t let me spoil it for you. Especially if you have a girl at home, this is one commercial that you don’t want to miss.

(Link here)


As a frequent flyer I can appreciate the ideas in this Doritos ad. I was thinking about trying some of those tricks on my next flight, but I don’t have to because, I’m the one with the baby.

(link here)

Dove Men Care #RealStrength

There are many great dads and they don’t always the acknowledgement and recognition that they deserve. The Super Bowl aired at least three commercials that were focused on “life with dad”. But, out of them all, this one below was my favorite.

(Link here)


Let’s face it, the last few years were not the best for Carnival at all. That’s being said the company has a lot of work to do to regain public trust. If this ad was all they had to do to restore the public perception of the cruise line, then they are already have. LOVED!

(Link here)
That’s it for my take.

Which commercials were your favorites?

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