Fall Fitness: Shake Up Your Workout Routine this Fall

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The weather is cooling down and for many, working out has lost it’s allure. Swimsuits and short pants will soon be replaced with layers, lots and lots of layers.  But don’t be fooled, fall fitness is a thing and it’s important.

If your motivation to work out has to do with “looking good for summer”, the incentive is gone. But there are so many more benefits to working out than “looking good”. Don’t lose your summer workout zest. Does the kids packed fall schedule have you worn out? Here are some ways to shake up your workout routine and get energized this fall. 

Get Outside

It may no longer be warm but, fall is a great time to get outdoors. The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and everything just seems to slow down a bit. It may seem counter-intuitive now that the weather is getting cooler but, taking your routine outdoors may be just the thing you need. Also, changing up the time that you work out can be a great motivator as well.

If you typically work out in the morning like I do, trying switching it up by trying an evening routine.

Use Some Weight

Are you using weights to build muscle? If you aren’t, you should. After age 30, adults lose between 3% and 5% of muscle every year. So use it or lose it. If you’re tired or even intimated by free weights, try using the weight you already have…. your own.

Push ups and planks are great at building muscle and core strength.

Try a Fitness App

Are you getting tired of the same old workout routine? Shake things up by heading to iTunes or Google Play for some fun exercise apps. The workout apps on your phone are great because you can do them no matter where you are.

Buy Some Cute Work Out Clothes

Nothing shakes up an exercise routine like some new work out clothes. If you dress the part, you’ll look the part and if you look the part, you will actually be motivated to work out. 

I like how lightweight the wearing lightweight jackets during my outdoor fall fitness routines just in case it get’s chilly. 

I’m a sucker for thumb hole cutouts and graphic tights.

These running tights have a vivid graphic design. Scored it at Target

As much as I’m not a big autumn fan, I have to admit that getting outdoors is still important after the weather starts getting chilly. It’s all in good health. 

Do you have a fall fitness routine? 

Original October 12, 2017. Updated: September 19, 2019.

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    Kelly mcgrew

    Those workout tights are so cool! They look great on you!

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      Thank you Kelly.

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    Beth R

    Those look so comfy

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      They are Beth. Definitely.

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    Kathy S

    Great pics & outfit! Now motivate me please!

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    I know right…Just put them on and “go”!

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