XFINITY Brings Finesse & Style to Home Entertainment

When I was growing up, I loved a cartoon called the Jetsons.

(Singing) “Meet George Jetson, his son Elroy, Jane his wife”.

Have I officially dated myself? I secretly wondered if any of those scenarios would actually come true when we entered the 21st century.  Have we become the Jetsons?

I’m not sure if we are there yet but, I have to say we are getting close. A few weeks ago XFINITY invited me to a lunch and learn. Let me just say that there was a lot to learn about what XFINITY is bringing to not just TV, but entertainment, security and home in general.

conference table

food at comcast connects

Besides learning, getting invited to a blogger event always means food and getting social. Somehow, the Comcast Connects event planners were able to combine both on these adorable cupcakes.

comcast cupcakes

After noshing on some eats I discovered that not only is XFINITY on the cutting edge of life innovated but, XFINITY is customized and personal because the products are made to work to suit your needs.

paw patrol tv


Blogger moms- Lisa & Maria from Very Busy Mama
Blogger moms- Lisa & Maria

As moms we all share the same struggles when it comes to maximizing time and streamlining processes that work for our busy lives. I like that XFINITY X1 allows the setting of parental controls and access to TV favorites all by voice remote. If you’re like me and stuck about “what to watch”, you can even search for “what’s trending” and access recommended shows in no time. Set favorites by actor, sport teams and viewing history.

Aimlessly scrolling through the TV guide trying to figure out “what to watch” will never be a problem again.


Now here’s the game changer, with XFINITY Home you can adjust temperature controls, home lighting and home security video according to your set preferences. That eliminates mundane tasks like manually adjusting the thermostat each morning/evening and turning on and off lights according to the time of day. As much as we travel, having that kind of control while away can really help offer peace of mind. XFINITY home even has water sensors for potential basement flooding.

Not to mention, adding professional video monitoring to the mix is like frosting on a cake. It just makes it better.

While on vacation anything can happen at home. You never know if your housesitter will enter the wrong alarm code which triggers the cops to come to your house, followed by a phone call at 4am in the morning. Of course, this will happen while you are out the country.

Or, a torrential down pour can flood your basement while you are on a trip to London.

No reason, that I am mentioning these scenarios at all…these are just things that come to the top of my head (ahem).


eun yang and lisa
NBC4 News anchor Eun Yang

XFINITY mobile allows access to all your favorite tv programming from your Android and iOS devices. Now how many times have you gotten to a doctor’s visit on time, only to realize that the physician’s code of conduct has nothing to do with punctuality? Having tv programming at the palm of your hand means you are never left “hanging”, and can even play catch up with the evening news.

So I guess even though we are not all jetting through space, the question, really isn’t “Have we become the Jetsons”? The question now becomes, which Jetson are you?

Disclosure: All opinions are my own. I was provided with a gift bag to thank me for my attendance.

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