What is the DLS Style Club?

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Do you know what social media platform I took the longest to jump on?


Do you know what social media platform is my absolute favorite?


It’s where I check in. Where I’m most active. Where I come out to play and hang out with all of you, my Dlifestylers.

So I thought I’d do something fun. Now is the beginning of the DLS Style Club. We’re going to try this for the rest of the year.

Here’s how it works:

Like and comment on my Instagram post no more than 1 minute after I post a picture.
Follow your comment with the hashtag #DLSCLUB
In order to do this successfully you’re going to have turn on your notifications on Instagram. It’s the three little dots on any of the photos on the right hand corner.

Looks like this.

Why? It’s a way for us to stay connected, plus you can win some cool stuff.

What can you win?

Things like your choice of the Dream Big Doubt Small Mug. One of my favorite books or even a list of my favorite Instagram apps. It all depends. Sometime I come across cool swag and I just want to share.

So what do you do again?

Follow me.
Like and comment on a new post within the first minute, followed by the hashtag #DLSClub
Set up notifications on Instagram.

That’s it. Who’s in?

Comment “yes” on this post and lets get this started.

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