Valentine’s Day Beauty Fixes that Won’t Break the Bank

Yes, I am a mother ( and I love it) but that is not the first thing that I want to come to mind when someone looks at me.  I’ll take poised and polished over tired and  lackluster.

Here are some products that will help you keep “mommy” together and keep your husband’s heart fluttering long after Valentine’s Day.

Moroccan Oil Treatment For All Hair Types (select option/size)

I love the scent and the sheen it gives  my hair.  Now I know why beauty editors are raving about this product.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips With Advanced Seal Professional Effects Enamel Safe Dental Whitening Kit, 20-count box

An oldie but goodie, my 2 cup a day tea habit keeps me wanting more.

Brazilian Peel Brazilian Peel(TM) 4 Applications

The results are truly instantaneous. I love this one.

Eucerin Aquaphor, Healing Ointment, 2 Count, .35-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 3)

It’s portable and convenience is great. Put one in your bag and one in the toddler or baby bag. Chapped lips, hands, elbows…it moisturizes all!

BNIB MAC RUBY WOO Retro Matte Lipstick

It’s red, it’s beautiful and will bring out your va-va-va voom!

Ferrero Rocher Gift Box 24 count 10.6 OZ

Not a beauty fix but, it will make your tummy feel beautiful.  I just needed an excuse to put this on the list. What is Valentine’s Day without a little chocolate?  Just add sleeping kids and your favorite TV show for an instant “mommy moment”.

This post contains affiliate links. All the *yummy* opinions are always 100% mine!

Happy Valentine’s Weekend! What are your favorite beauty finds?

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