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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Guide: Get the Right Tools for the Meal

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The countdown to Thanksgiving has begun. There are so many details to ponder, if you are hosting that is.  If you will be an invited guest then your concerns should be limited. Just secure your travel plans (if traveling) and bring a hostess gift (food or drink related would be nice).  A potluck however, would require you to “dust off” a holiday recipe or two.

Thanksgiving tableIf you are hosting though, that’s where it gets interesting.  A menu needs to be secured, the holiday table setting created and who are you going to invite?  It is also time do a throughout assessment of your serving/dinner ware.

The holidays are not the time to serve a meal using chipped plates and cracked glasses.  Your guests and your family deserve better. When deciding on what items are needed for your holiday affair, envision your guests at the buffet or dinner table.  Does each dish have a serving utensil to appropriately accommodate it?  Things like sauces should be accompanied by a serving spoons.  A soup should be served with a ladle, a tossed salad with serving tongs etc, pie with a pie server, ham with a serving fork…you get the idea.

The approaching Thanksgiving holiday does not have to mean stress and chaos in the kitchen.  Having the right tools readily available during your Thanksgiving holiday is one of the small things that can make a tremendous difference.

Here are a few key tools that no kitchen should be without on Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey/Ham/Poultry Platter

turkey platter


Gravy Bowl




Serving Dishes



This doesn’t mean that you don’t need table mats, table cloths and even great stemware. But, if you are looking for the essentials, this list is an a great place to start.

What are your “must-have” items for hosting a great Thanksgiving?

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    My family does’t have all those fancy stuff. Usually we’re just glad to get together with good food and lots of laughs. One of these days, though, I think that we may upgrade. I hadn’t had the time to catch up. Loving your posts! nf

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    Lisa -The Domestic Life Stylist

    Thank you!

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    April J Harris (@apriljharris)

    Great ideas, Lisa! That turkey platter is so pretty! I love to use my late mom’s vintage serving platters, plates, gravy boats etc at family gatherings. I also have some family serving spoons and cake knives and forks that date back to the 1800’s. Thank you so much for sharing this helpful post with us at the Hearth and Soul hop.

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      What an amazing thing to sit down and dine among such historical pieces. You are one fortunate lady. I am sure you only use them for really special occasions.

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