Top 10 Tools Under $10 Dollars That Every Kitchen Should Have

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The only thing I enjoy more than cooking and eating are great kitchen gadgets.  But contrary to popular believe you don’t always have to pay a lot of money for tools that will make a tremendous difference.  See the Domestic Life Stylist’s Top 10 Kitchen gadgets under 10 dollars that no kitchen should be without.

Egg Slicer

There is something about egg slicers that I love. This unique but classic tool gets boiled eggs perfectly sliced in no time.

Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen shears are the kitchen tool that you never knew you needed. Great for snipping herbs, cutting grapes off of the vine and I even use it to cut by toddler’s pasta into more bite size pieces.


Yes, perfect for portioning the right amount of soup but, better for getting well proportioned pancakes in the griddle.

Silicone Brush

Brushing butter on rolls, pie crusts, and barbecue sauce on poultry…it’s all child’s play with a silicone brush. They are easy to clean and don’t get smelly or moldy due to trapped water and food.

Kitchen Tongs

I can’t function in my kitchen without them. I use them so much that we have 3. They come in handy for serving platters, use as a turner and dinner parties too!

Garlic Press

Have you tried one? Use this tool to crush your garlic in a flash.

Silicone Oven Safe Mitts

The fact that these mitts are heat safe up to 450˚F prevents unnecessary burns in the kitchen. Can you say that about cloth mittens?


These are perfect for the making the smoothest mashed potatoes ever. You will always want to make mash potatoes from scratch.

Large Turner

The large size of the turner is perfect for flipping a weekend batch of pancakes.

Splatter Guard

Avoid slippery messes during frying by using one of these on your frying pan. You will love it!

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    I like these affordable and practical tips! Some I have and some I don’t, but will be looking into the ones I don’t. 🙂 I love our garlic press and use it on a weekly basis!

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    Most of these tools are everyday “work horses” in my kitchen for sure!

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