The Nastiest Item in Your Kitchen & Calendar Sponge Review

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blue sponge on kitchen sink

When is the last time that you changed your kitchen sponge? Do you even know? Several published articles have addressed the fact that sponges are great at harboring tons of germs. As a matter of fact, an article in WebMD, lists the kitchen sponge as the #1 source of germs in the whole house! But, before you start feeling like you have dodged the bullet, that same article talked about the fact that dish rags are no better than sponges.  Ideally, dish rags should be changed/cleaned once a week. If you are changing your kitchen rags less than that then, you are just pushing the germs around.

A good way to keep the bacterial count low on kitchen sponges is to heat the wet sponge in the microwave for at least 2 minutes once a day. According to experts like Dr.OZ, even when taking such precautions, sponges still need to be changed once every 30 days. Germs tend to hide in all those small crevices. But, if you are anything like me, you probably have a hard enough time remembering all the other tasks around the house that need to be completed.

But don’t worry. That’s where the Calendar Sponge comes in. A year’s worth of sponges come in one package and ready for your use. The nice folks over at Calendar Sponge sent me some sponges to try.

sponges in long line

How pretty! Each sponge comes with 1 of 12 stamps on it (one for each month). It’s a little bit more difficult to forget to change your sponge in 30 days when you are reminded in BIG YELLOW FONT! If you want to remember the exact date, then you can still write it down but, really there is no need too. Just change the sponge on the same date each month. Genius no, but convenient…YES!

I have since replaced our sponge with the Calendar Sponge and so far, I like it. I have wet and used the sponge about 3 times before publishing this post, and all the letters were still very much in tact.

You can get your own Calendar Sponge by visiting the website: . A year’s supply will cost you $12.99, less shipping. By the way, if you don’t like the product, they will give you your money back. Sweet!

Happy Cleaning!

Disclosure: I was provided a sample of the Calendar Sponge to facilitate writing this review. As usual, all yummy opinions are my own.

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    Great item and idea! I had no idea they needed to be put in the microwave daily! I thought I was killing it by doing that every few weeks! Oy!

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      Lisa -The Domestic Life Stylist

      I know Danielle. I was pretty surprised myself when I found out. But, when you know better you do better. 🙂

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