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Cooking Socials

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We had the Domestic Life Stylist come to our event to show our group, how to make quick and tasty meals.  We were all able to prepare the various dishes as she walked us through the process.  We seasoned our tilapia, helped to sauté kale, sprinkled cranberries over the asparagus, whipped up frittata and enjoyed a delicious meal.  She prepared an informative packet of information that included recipes, tips for preparing other dishes and helpful advice on ingredients.  The Domestic Life Stylist knew her stuff and made the evening so enjoyable.  We are definitely going to have to do something like this again.  Everyone had such a great time!”  Thank You Lisa! –Shannon, Mother of 4


The experience was very captivating, informative and fun-filled. Not only did I learn how to prepare some delicious meals, but I was thoroughly educated in food preparation, meal planning, proper use and pairing of aromatics and appropriate seasoning techniques. For someone not too interested in cooking, I was very impressed and inspired to get into my kitchen and get cookin’!”  –Kenya B. Mother of 3



Grocery Store Tours

My grocery store tour with the Domestic Life Stylist was truly insightful and refreshing. Now when I go grocery shopping, I utilized the many tips and tools that Lisa shared with me in regard to getting good value items, how to pick quality fruit, and how to best organize my shopping trips online. I am thankful for the time she spent with me and her willingness to share her knowledge.Moira B. Mother of 3


Kitchen Consults

During our shopping trips, I truly grew to appreciate her expertise in the area of homemaking and her true passion for making seemingly ordinary things extraordinarily fun and useful. I’ll give her a 10 out of 10 stars and will definitely be using her service again”–  Rachel Y. Mother of 3

Product/Service Reviews/Sponsored Posts

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