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Tasty Sausage and Pasta Penne in 15 Minutes

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Like yours, my life as been so crazy lately. We’ve been traveling, getting ready for back to school and in the middle of hustle and bustle of everyday life.

modern table mealsThe following post contains affiliate links.

But in the midst of it all, I really do want to feed my family food that I can feel good about.

Yesterday, the princess and I had the opportunity to go on a pool date with some friends. I said yes even though I knew it would be a tight turn around for date night later on. We planned on the dropping the kids off at another friends house for 6:00pm and by the time we left the pool play date, there was not that much time to get ready, get dinner ready for the kids and slip into something fabulous.

modern table meals

Fortunately, Modern Table Meals had just sent me some of their new bean pastas and bean pasta kits. I found out about Modern Table at Blogher and was happy to give their stuff a try. Swapping bean pasta for traditional pasta varities is a great way to cut calories, limit sugar/carbs and increase protein and fiber.

Moderntable bean and pesto pasta

I simply poured the lentil penne into boiling water, tossed it together the accompanying sauce, added cooked Italian sausage and it was done! The Modern Table Meals package says to “add seasoning as desired” but seriously, I didn’t need it. It was perfect even for a Type A, foodie like me.

Modern table lentil pasta 900x600

Have you tried bean pastas? If you haven’t I really recommend you give them a try. When you do, my tip is to stir intermittently and don’t walk away or things will get really mushy on you.

Bon Appètit!

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