Sweet and Savory Turkey Sandwich

Sweet Savory Turkey Sandwich

About This Recipe: This is what happens late at night when I am working at home and I have the munchies. Things I love make their way into a new recipe.


2 slices favorite bread (I used Ezekiel bread this time)

1 tsp mayonnaise

1 tsp cilantro paste

2 slices grilled bacon

½-1 whole sweet (ripened) plantain (really depends on how much you like plantain)

½ ripe avocado (cut into slices)

2-4 tbsp canola oil (for frying)

½ tomato (sliced)

2 slices smoked turkey cuts

Fresh cracked pepper as desired


Place oil in skillet and heat on medium setting until hot

Thinly slice plantain and fry until golden brown (flipping once in between)

Blot fried plantain on paper towel

Mix mayo and cilantro in small bowl

Stir in black pepper and set aside

Toast slices of bread or heat on griddle

Spread bread with prepared mayo

Build sandwich with turkey, avocado, tomato, plantains, bacon


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    Cam | Bibs and Baubles

    that sounds sooo good. i love the idea of plantains with it. that’s an interesting twist.

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      Lisa -The Domestic Life Stylist

      I love them! I look for an excuse to include them as part of my meals. 🙂

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