steal these Christmas ideas and amp up holiday tradition

Steal these Christmas Ideas & Spice Up Holiday Tradition

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Can you feel the excitement? Christmas is just six days away and many families will be partaking in activities that are steeped in years of tradition. But if you’d like to try something different, here a few ideas on how to add some spice to your holiday celebration for many years to come.

steal these Christmas ideas and amp up holiday tradition

Have a Sleep Under

Get everyone in their matching pajamas and sleep under the Christmas tree. Make it fun by getting comfy blankets, pillows and sleeping bags for the sleep under. To be safe, before sleeping under the tree, always ensure that the tree in unplugged and cords are out of reach of children.

Go Around the World

Getting tired of doing the same thing year after year? Then celebrate Christmas around the world. Select a different country each year and celebrate Christmas the way that country would. Listen to the same type of music, prepare local recipes and play the same types of games. Get other family members involved by taking a vote each year on what country to celebrate next.

Make Breakfast a Big Deal

Everyone makes a big deal about Christmas dinner but, what about Christmas breakfast? Try something different for breakfast on Christmas morning and make eggnog french toast or a tasty frittata. If pancakes are more your thing you’ll love these chocolate chip pancakes. There’s nothing like a big breakfast to prepare for a day of family and fellowship. Not to mention you’ll need tons of energy for all the gifts you’ll be opening too.

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