Smart Twist Cleaners

Smart Twist: A New Way to Clean

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Smart Twist Cleaners
Starter pack with 3 concentrates

We are still talking about cleaning around here. Are you still tackling spring cleaning around your home? Last week I wrote about 10 Shortcuts For Cleaning Your Kitchen in Record Time.  Today I want to introduce you to Smart Twist. Recently, I received a sample of Smart Twist  (a SC Johnson product) to try. I was intrigued because I already use many SC Johnson products like  Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge and Windex around my home.

Filling Smart Twist with Water
Concentrated cleaner is reconstituted with tap water

Actually, with Smart Twist you can still use those SC Johnson products that you have come to know and enjoy. The difference is Smart Twist incorporates your cleaning favorites in concentrated formulas, saving space, reducing clutter and adding convenience to one’s cleaning routine. Actually, having a product like Smart Twist on-hand limits toting around multiple products from room to room and floor to floor…an extra bonus for this expectant mama.

Smart Twist Cleaner

You just have to choose the combination of three cleaners that is right for you.  Choices include:

  • Kitchen/Bath Starter Kit (Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastik)  or a
  • Living Spaces Starter Kit (Windex, Pledge, Shout)

Cleaning glass table

To read more about this product and for purchasing info visit: &

Product sample was provided in order to facilitate review.

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    It looks interesting and convenient! I am sure it is a time saver too because sometimes I can’t find where I placed the bottle when I am ready for it

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      It really has been a convenience for us thus far. Especially the “moving from room to room, floor to floor part”.

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    Georgia @ Sherwood Services Charlotte NC

    The thing that attracts me right away about this product is the fact that you can save a lot of space by using it. This is good news for me, because I always find that I have to many things to store and not enough space to put them. I can certainly think of things that I would rather have in my cupboard than cleaning things, so the less space they take, the better. I, too, have had experience of this company in the past, so I would definitely be interested in seeing what they had to offer now, and whether it would be ideal for my own home.

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